Best Things to buy in Minicoy island

Minicoy Island, aka maliku, is one of the 30 islands present in Lakshadweep Island. The beautiful island is in the shape of a crescent has a picturesque view. It is just 70 km approx away from Maldives island as well. The island is known as one of the best shopping places in Lakshadweep. However, there […]

9 Best things to Buy in Singapore

Singapore is a pretty city with unique places to visit. Other than the gorgeous places and shopping markets. The town has some extraordinary things that cannot find anywhere else. Starting from beauty products, accessories, electronics, candies, etc. There are few things to Buy in Singapore that you must take back with you as a memory […]

Major Attractions in Cambodia,Phnom Penh- Silk Island

Koh Dach is also known as silk island, is located in Mekong Lowlands and Central Plains, near the Japanese bridge in the north of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. One of the Major Attractions in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is a small island that is 12 km long, famous for its silk weaving center communities. The […]

Top 3 Shopping market in Kualla Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, a beautiful city in Malaysia with many shopping complexes, markets vibrant and colorful, crowded places. The markets are the house of Malaysian collection, handicrafts, clothes, accessories, and food items, including vegetables and fruits. All in one spot markets are available from early in the morning to late midnight for all shopaholics visiting the […]

Best Things To Buy in Amritsar

1.Apparel/Clothing Amritsar is famous for its wide apparels. listed below Some of the must-buys: Turbans: It is A long piece of cloth worn as headgear by Sikh men(the sardars), a long tye-die material available in various colors, from white, usually worn by the elderly, to younger men’s bright colors. You can use roughly 8 meters […]

Best Things To Buy In Jaipur?

Shopping is an activity which is loved by all. It is collecting things from the place visited and kept as a memory. Jaipur is a place where delight whether, from big malls or the local streets, the State’s flavor is evident everywhere. It is a real treat, as some fabulous places stock unique and high-quality […]

Best Things to buy in manali

Travelling is all about new experiences and collecting mementos from different places. They serve as a reminder of your visit to that place. The Markets of Manali has some fascinating items for the traveler, which you probably would not find elsewhere. The local handicrafts in the main markets of Manali are worth purchasing. Significantly, the […]