Singapore is a pretty city with unique places to visit. Other than the gorgeous places and shopping markets. The town has some extraordinary things that cannot find anywhere else. Starting from beauty products, accessories, electronics, candies, etc. There are few things to Buy in Singapore that you must take back with you as a memory or gift. Listed below are the best things to shop from the famous markets of Singapore :

1.Peranakan Souvenirs

Peranakan item is a beautifully unique designed piece. One can buy groceries, textile, and clothes in such a design from local markets of Singapore. Although, these design products are reasonably expensive due to their high quality and vibrant colors. It is still in huge demand since the 18th century. One can buy Peranakan design souvenirs for their loved ones.


Price ranges start from INR500-1000 approx.

2.Miniature Merlions

Merlion is an iconic symbol statue in Singapore. Its miniature version is readily available in the markets of Singapore. Its design is available in keychains, magnets, photo frames, snowglobes, etc. It is treated as a memory of the lion city. The miniature products are a must to buy while you visit the city as a memory.


Price ranges start from INR100.

3.Orchid Perfumes

Orchid is the national flower of Singapore. Because of this, orchid perfumes and their scents are famous in Singapore. The orchids have a fantastic smell which attracts the tourist most. These perfumes come in different designed bottles filled with Singapore fragrance. The perfume scents are widely available for both male and female tourists and local people.


The price range starts from INR1500 Approx.

4.Kaya Coconut Jam

Locally known as Ya-Kun Kaya Spread, this delicious and mouth-watering jam is a breakfast spread in Singapore. Made with eggs, sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves, this spread has some unique flavors one must try. Purchase these local jams from markets, airports, or malls to enrich your bud taste. 


The price range starts from INR 280

5.Asian Artefacts

Asian artifacts are beautifully designed with elaborative structure patterns and shapes. These handmade crafts with vibrant colors make a beautiful decor piece. Designs of sacred deities to some common design artifacts are all favorite Asian designs. You can buy this unique item from Chinatown market, holland village, or other local markets. 


The price range starts from INR 1000

6.Gold Plated Orchid Ornaments

These Gold plated orchid ornaments are real orchids plated with 24k Gold. It is famously made by a local company called RISIS. The orchid necklaces are famous in Singapore due to their elegant design. Not only necklaces, but RISIS also makes Gold plated other orchids ornaments as well, such as rings, earrings, etc. It is an exquisite and luxurious souvenir gift to take from Singapore.


Price ranges start from INR3000

7.Laksa Paste

Laksa paste is another edible item to purchase from Singapore. It is a blend of Malaysian and Chinese tastes and flavors. Made from laksa leave, prawn paste, coconut milk, and lemongrass. The authentic taste of the paste goes well with fried rice and other dishes. Just like bak was and kaya spread, it is another side breakfast item of Singapore. Widely available in nationwide supermarkets and airports.


The price range starts from INR 290

8.Singapore Snacks

Singapore snacks, especially its chips and dips, are famous worldwide. With a blend of different spicy, tangy flavors, these snacks serve as the best nighttime meals. The variety of flavors with unique tastes makes it another must buy from Singapore.


The price range starts from INR 150

9.Tiger Balm Red Ointment

The tiger balm business started in Singapore spread to China and later to the whole world. It is a famous ointment due to its immediate relief effects. The secret ingredient used to make this balm has some fantastic healing properties. This balm is a must-buy medical purchase you won’t regret buying.

The price range starts from INR150

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