Gems of China town/ Attraction in Kuala lumpur

China town located on Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. It is a well-known tourist spot also known as bargain hunter paradise. The buzzing street markets, monuments, food stalls make it a vibrant, colorful place, especially at night. With the immense culture, tradition, and history depicted through the buildings, shops, and peoples. The area has some […]

what is right time to visit Kualla Lumpur ?

Kuala Lumpur is a tropical region city in Malaysia, due to which the weather remains the same throughout the year. It is hot and humid with rain showers in some months. Therefore, the ideal time to visit the city is around May- July, while the least preferred being the Aug- Nov month. However, the average […]

Gems of Little India/ Attraction in kuala lumpur

Little India or Brickfields near Bangar in Kuala Lumpur. Built by the Indian Community of Kuala Lumpur provides a fantastic opportunity to experience a tiny part of its subcontinent in Malaysia. Most Indian businesses and people reside in Brickfields. It became an emerging famous tourist spot near the kl central in the city. Little India has shops, […]

Top 3 Shopping market in Kualla Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, a beautiful city in Malaysia with many shopping complexes, markets vibrant and colorful, crowded places. The markets are the house of Malaysian collection, handicrafts, clothes, accessories, and food items, including vegetables and fruits. All in one spot markets are available from early in the morning to late midnight for all shopaholics visiting the […]

Indian food in KL, Malaysia

Besides the delicious Indian-way dishes, snacks and desserts are also very popular in Malaysia. With the Ayurveda style added with endless spice varieties and cooking techniques, Indian cuisine is relatively healthy. It is always possible to cook an Indian meal according to your taste and food restrictions. It is popular in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as well. Indian Snacks:   Mushroom pepper fry: […]