Kuala Lumpur, a beautiful city in Malaysia with many shopping complexes, markets vibrant and colorful, crowded places. The markets are the house of Malaysian collection, handicrafts, clothes, accessories, and food items, including vegetables and fruits. All in one spot markets are available from early in the morning to late midnight for all shopaholics visiting the city. Wandering around the street markets of Kuala Lumpur is a must to have experienced while visiting the city. The few famous markets in KL are Kampung Baru Market, Taman Connaught Market, Chow Kit Market, Jalan Masjid India Market, Taman Connaught Market, Fiesta Nite at Plaza Mont Kiara.

The top 3 markets in kL are:

1. Petaling Street

Located near City Centre Kuala Lumpur, one of the most famous petaling streets is Starch Factory street(Chee Cheong Kai), the tapioca mill production’s oldest spot. Since the Selangor Civil War, the road has transformed into a buzzing street market, with numerous street stalls offering a variety of immitation goods with all locally branded tags. At the same time, you are strolling and shopping around the markets; bargain as much as you can to get the street vendors’ cheapest offers.

Besides shopping, the street also has food stalls offering different street food and local cuisine to refresh your mood while shopping in the busy market. 

One can also visit famous places around the market, such as the South Indian Temple of Sri Mahamariamman or the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple, a few minutes walk away on the petaling street.

2. Central Market

Central Market is another famous shopping market near Jalan Hang Kasturi, City Centre. Built in 1928, it was a handicraft outlet in the early 1980s, also known as Pasar Seni. It is an art decoration building filled with shops selling handicrafts, local merchandise, boutiques, and many more. A prime location for all ethnic and cultural Malaysians is to blend handicrafts and traditional merchandise goods, furnishing items, and fruits and vegetables.

The building has food stalls and a court on the second floor serving local Asian cuisine. It also organizes various occasions such as local exhibition art, Hari Raya festival, Deepavali, and Chinese new year for the vendors to showcase their talent and present their art in unique ways. Local artists perform various dance shows and songs outside the bustling market for the entertainment of passersby.

3. Kasturi Walk


An open flea market near Jalan Kasturi is famous for its local snacks and local branded products at low prices. It is few minutes walk away from the central market. Although it is less crowded, it is a good market with a convenient location. The food stalls offer various Indian, local, Chinese and other cuisines with a delicious blend of flavors. Also organizes cultural performances on special occasions.