Below please find the new requirements for a Singapore visa and attached are the required forms and specifications for the photograph for Singapore.

Download Visa Form

Mandatory Documents for all categories of Visa

· 1 Form (14 A) duly filled and signed by the applicant.

· Passport validity should be 6 months beyond the travel date.

· Original passport

· Recent 2 Photographs (35mmx45mm on matt or semi-matt finish paper. with white background, the facial image should be 70% to 80% close up and within 3 months old acceptable, Ear should be visible and hairs should be tight)

· Proof of Residence any one of 2 of the following, If Address is different from the passport or if the address mentioned on the ppt is other than NORTHERN INDIA – Lease/Rent Agreement on Stamp paper of current residential address, Adhaar card, Voter Id Card or Telephone landline bill.

· Personal Covering letter

· Occupation Proof (If Applicant is doing business, Cover letter should be on his Business letterhead, Company Reg. Proof/GST No. in hard copy, and Bank statement last six months) (If Applicant doing Service, then NOC letter from his Company side, Last three months salary slip, Employee Id Card and Last Six Months Salary Bank Statement)

· Bank statement last six months

· Marriage Card or Marriage certificate (If Spouse’s name is not endorsed)

· Student Id card Copy (If Applicant is a Student)

· Last Year Original bank statement and last three-year ITR (If the applicant is a freelancer)

· Travel itinerary

· Hotel booking

· Tickets


For Tourist/Social visit

· Occupation Proof

· Personal cover letter stating about the journey with contact no and email id.

If Visiting Relatives –

· Invitation letter from Singapore with inviter sign and his contact number

· Employment pass number copy both sides/NRIC Number Copy both sides

· Passport Copy both sides

For Business, Conferences/ official visits

· Covering/Request Letter from the company required confirming the name and designation of the pax and about his visit also. (It should be on Business letterhead and signed by an authorized signatory with his full name and designation mentioned)

· Invitation Letter from the Singapore company (It should be on Business letterhead and signed by an authorized signatory with his full name and designation mentioned, Company Reg. number Singapore side)

· Form V39-A form (fully filled and signed Its sign by NRIC holder and the same person who gave you an invitation)