Minicoy Island, aka maliku, is one of the 30 islands present in Lakshadweep Island. The beautiful island is in the shape of a crescent has a picturesque view. It is just 70 km approx away from Maldives island as well. The island is known as one of the best shopping places in Lakshadweep. However, there are not many things and shops to purchase from. However, one can look for these Things to buy in Minicoy island, such as:

1. Pure coconut powder and coconut oil


The island has many coconut and palm trees all around, due to which locals extract powder and oil from coconut trees present at the place. If you visit the island, you can purchase some original quality coconut powder and fat from the island. It is widely available at local shops and stalls on the island. They have many rich properties and are used for cooking, oiling, and many other things.

2. Packaged Food


The white sand sea with clean water makes it easy for locals to go fishing. Local women make fish pickles from the fishing done by men on the island. It is a popular and original souvenir product to purchase from the island. Fish pickles have a delicious authentic taste due to the rare fish species available at the place. One can pick different flavors of fish pickles sold by local vendors and stalls.

People also purchase packaged food such as fish oil, frozen fish can, and fish biscuits.

3. Handicrafts


Local vendors are more created than you can think of. They make handicraft products for home decor items, junk jewelry, and ornaments from the sea products. There is a wide range of seashells and oyster shells used to produce these handmade items. The locals used vibrant colors to craft out these products, which makes them more attractive. Not only that, they create Craft wood-painted products as well. All of these souvenir products from tiny stalls available on the island.

4. Fabrics


Fiber factories at the island produce some rare quality fabric clothes. All these fabric clothes have different colors and patterns on them. One must purchase their suitable fashion clothe from the roadside shops and stalls on the island. The most popular site for fabrics is Kavaratti island. However, you can find excellent quality at Minicoy island as well.

5. Aquarium


The aquarium is another product widely sold in the markets of Minicoy island. These glass material aquariums are made of the best quality for fish species. Visit any local fish shop and purchase fish aquariums, tanks, and other supplies. The locals create some realistic aquariums attractive with a real showcase of their talent.

6. Local Tea & Snacks


The local tea shops at Minicoy island are a hidden gem. It is still undiscovered. However, if you visit the island, you must buy the local tea powder at the shops. The fantastic tea and local snacks have a great taste that one can quickly get addict to. One of the best things to buy is Minicoy island.