Travelling is all about new experiences and collecting mementos from different places. They serve as a reminder of your visit to that place. The Markets of Manali has some fascinating items for the traveler, which you probably would not find elsewhere. The local handicrafts in the main markets of Manali are worth purchasing. Significantly, the food items that you can take back for family and friends. Listed below are some of the famous Manali souvenirs:

1.Kullu Caps

Made out of pure wool, The Kullu caps very warm and protect your head from the mountains’ severe cold. The Kullu caps are a round shape and are flat on the top. A colorful border band brightens the front with a beautiful pattern, separately woven on small looms. The designs of the caps represent the area. It is one of the leading products of Manali handlooms.

  • Where to buy from- available in any local market such as The Tibetan Market and Bhuttico, The Himalayan Craft. (timings- 10am to 7pm)
  • The cost of these caps starts from Rs. 100.

2.Woolen Clothes

Manali is a heaven for woolen shopping; salwar suits with Kashmiri embroidered border and paper silk printed saris are popular shopping pieces. If you are looking for pure Kashmiri woolen clothes, then you can get them from various shops at reasonable prices. Wollen clothes in Kullu are super comfy and warm, and you must shop for them during your visit!

  • Where to buy from- Kashmir Gift House in Rambagh Market on the way to Hidimba temple is one famous shop which sells a variety of these items at a reasonable price, mall road(timings- 10 am-7 pm)
  • The cost of salwar suits with Kashmiri embroidery in the Manali local market starts from Rs 300. You can trace some excellent quality suits at around Rs 600.

3.Tibetan and Himalayan Handicrafts

Metal Crafts of Kullu include Mohras (The masks of the deities), Ornaments, Musical Instruments, various household use articles, and Sheet Metal products. There are excellent wood carvings in the temples of Kullu. These traditionally made temples display remarkable Woodcraft. There are many lesser-known crafts in Kullu. The total purchase starts from slippers of grass, straw carpets, mattresses, woolen quilts, hand-knitted woolens, and baskets.

  • Where to buy from- Tibet art collection is the ideal place to visit for such artifacts, Himachal Emporium(Timings: 10 AMto7 PM)


Manali is home to many beneficial Himalayan herbs. It also includes Kesar, commonly known as saffron. Kesar is the most expensive spice primarily used in cooking various dishes. It is an extract from a Himalayas flower, sold dried in the market. Authentic Kesar has many health benefits, and its high demand is the main reason it is so expensive.

  • Where to buy from- vendors walking all around Manali, Solang Valley, Van Vihar selling Kesar (Shilajit)
  • The cost of saffron varies, starting from Rs. 79/gram

5.Kinnauri and Kullu Shawls

Kullu shawls are available in distinctive and striking colors and vivid patterns. Just as the names suggest, the Origin of these shawls happened in Kullu and Kinnaur. The designs on Kinnauri shawls hold a religious significance as the range of colors used in various patterns symbolizes the religious and mythological history of the region. These are well known for their geometric designs.

  • Where to buy from- Bhuttico, This Shopping place in Manali was awarded the National Award from the ministry of textiles in 1993-94. (Timings: 10 AMTO 8 PM)

6.Prayers Wheels

Prayer wheels are symbols of hope in Tibetan culture. The rotating wheel brings good luck, prosperity, and positivity. While shopping in Kullu, you can buy them. Especially if you believe and rest your faith in the Buddhist culture.

  • To buy from- Tibetan market famous for Tibetan souvenirs and other different products(timings 10 am to 7 pm), Sultanpur Market. 

7.Dry Fruits

Mostly, Dry fruits are grown in the hilly area where the temperature is low and is suitable for the plantation. Shopping at Kullu-Manali for dry fruits can be a good experience. Primarily due to the excellent quality and low dry fruits rate. You can easily buy berries, nuts, almonds, apricot, walnut, etc.

  • Where to buy from- Mohal in Kullu

The other unique items, such as bamboo souvenirs, artificial silver jewelry, Buddhist paintings, nameplates, and keychains, are customized to one’s taste. Besides, there are apples (of course), dozens of fruit products, fresh fruit jams, pickles, and jellies to take back home and relish.