Koh Dach is also known as silk island, is located in Mekong Lowlands and Central Plains, near the Japanese bridge in the north of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. One of the Major Attractions in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is a small island that is 12 km long, famous for its silk weaving center communities. The women on the island are indulged in the activity with antique looms producing quality silk under their houses. It is a quiet place with a rural Cambodian feel. 

Attractions in Cambodia


The island has plenty of houses, a lush green site, and cattle graze in the fields with local markets.



Crossing the Japanese bridge, reach the ferry terminal. One can get the island through the ferry/ boat available at the Phnom Riverside to the island. It is a one-hour-long journey. The boat’s charge is around 10 USD/ per person, try to negotiate, and fewer charges can be in your deal. Traveling from the riverside to the island is a beautiful journey; if you have a cycle, then carry it in a boat to the island and then travel around and explore it with your comfort. One can also hire a tuk-tuk or rent a cycle to roam around the island, which costs 9 USD approx for a day.

There’s a lot to explore on the island which makes it one of the Top Attractions in Cambodia Phnom Penh: 


Weaving centers: 

Cambodia is known for its silk weaving history; learn the local artisans’ process and the hard work put into them for making the final product. The main weaving center is located a km away from the ferry, which has stilted wooden houses, houses for handmade weavers, take a tour around it and learn incredible cultural history.

Small beach near the Attractions in Cambodia, Island:


  • Visit this beach with an entry fee of 1USD, with many bamboo houses.
  • Go swimming.
  • Bask under the shining sun or enjoy the sunset with your loved ones.

The fresh air and relaxing environment of the beach are satisfying and surreal to experience.



Shop from weaving stores or stalls: 

Purchase traditional handicrafts such as pottery, silk products, dyeing, and wood carvings from the shops available at the center. These locally made products are authentic Cambodian souvenirs must buy.

Cafe and restaurants:


There are plenty of food cafes and stalls that provide snacks and drinks, especially fresh coconut water, to the visitors. Enjoy these meals while sitting at the riverside, after a tiring long stroll at the island.


Stay near the island: 

The island has a comfortable to a luxurious hotel, guest houses some with swimming pool for accommodation purposes, available according to your budget. Stay at La Kroma Villa or Red House to enjoy your vacation on one of the Major Attractions in Cambodia, Phnom Penh island.