Amritsar is famous for its wide apparels. listed below Some of the must-buys:

  • Turbans: It is A long piece of cloth worn as headgear by Sikh men(the sardars), a long tye-die material available in various colors, from white, usually worn by the elderly, to younger men’s bright colors. You can use roughly 8 meters of cloth to tie a Pagri. These cotton fabrics can be used as dupatta by ladies.
  • Punjabi Suits: It is a three-piece Punjabi ethnic outfit worn by ladies. Can be used every day as a typical outfit and also for special occasions. It has a tunic kurta, Pant or loses Salwa. Also has more flare than an ordinary one and a long dupatta. The popularity of the Punjabi Suit is widespread beyond Punjab and North India. Price varies from Rs. 800 to 10,000 and more.
  • Phulkari-Phulkari is part and parcel of Punjabi culture and tradition. Dress created with flowers on a piece of cloth with colorful threads in various patterns. Phulkari used for embroidery, and Women wear it on auspicious occasions like weddings and festivals. Different types of phulkaris, such as Baagh, Til-Patra, Chope, Subhar, Chhamaas, Senchi, are available. Price varies from Rs.500 to a few thousand.

 Famous Market: Tripri, Patiala and Katra Jaimal Singh, Hall Bazar, in Amritsar.



Heavy jewelry is for weddings and special occasions. The local women mostly wear contemporary, light-weight, precious, semi-precious, and artificial jewelry.

  • Chooda: Set of bangles worn by Punjabi brides.
  • Jewelry– Precious and imitation jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets, etc.
  • Amristar is famous for studded bangles, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, pearls. For example, tasseled accessories, fashion jewelry, Maang teekas, earrings made up of thin plated metals.

Price varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000.

Famous Market: Guru Bazar at Katra Ahluwalia Road, Amritsar


3.Food Items

Food items of Amritsar is a perfect gift to pick up for Punjabi food lovers from the markets.

  • Pickles or Aachar– They are Available in flavors such as Lime, Mango, Chilly, Ginger, Garlic, etc. Punjabi Pickles are authentic in taste. Seasonal pickles like Kajar or Carrot pickle and Gobhi or Cauliflower pickle are best to purchase in winter.
  • Jaggery or Gur: A better alternative than refined sugar to add sweetness to your food, Gur made in small-scale units close to Punjab’s sugarcane fields. Consuming Gur after meals keeps the throat clear and clean. It is a significant part of Punjabi Food. 
  • Amritsar’s Papad and Dal Vadiyan: Vadiyan is Nuggets made with lentils and spices, used in curries and gravies, whereas papad is snacks as thin wafers in round shape. These are so famous that writers about them have folk songs.  Different types of papads are available. However, urad dal papad with black pepper is a famous one. One Can cook them in different ways.

Famous Markets: Wadi at Papad Wadiyan Bazaar or Manjit Mandi


4.Woollen Products

Amritsar offers a wide variety of woolen garments, sweaters, shawls, etc. The Hand Woven Carpets and Blankets also sold in large quantities along with the capes and mufflers, which are world-famous. The city caters to people living in cold regions because it enjoys extreme temperatures.

Famous Market: Shastri Market, Hall Bazaar.

Price varies from Rs.200 to Rs. 5,000



5.Religious Products

Spiritual products such as scripture books, Kada, Kripan, Kangha (wooden comb), and Khanda (Sikh Emblem) are must buy from Amritsar.

  • Kada: All Sikhs wear Kara, or the Braceletor made up of solid iron. It has some engraved energy of the Gurudwaras, which protects you. As most people wear the bracelet, it also works as a great gift.
  • Sikh religious texts (Gutka): Spiritual books such as Nitnem, Sukhmani Sahib & Japuji Sahib are positive books to read. Guru Granth Sahib, the most spiritual of all souvenirs, is also available, primarily written in Punjabi.
  • Mini Swords & Daggers: They are meant for use but only for representational purposes.

Famous Markets: Guru Bazaar Shastri Market



Amritsar and Patiala in Punjab are essential centers for handmade Punjabi juttis. Punjabi Jutti is Traditional footwear usually made up of leather, given different natural shades with dyes and colors. They come with Colourful embroidery, patchwork, sequins, threads, beads, lace, small decorative mirror.

Famous Markets: The Celebration Mall, Trilium Mall, Alpha One Mall, Shastri Market

Price varies from Rs. 300- 1000 to a few thousand.