Best Things To Buy In Moscow

Moscow is the currency capital of Russia, with beautiful streets and stunning architecture. It also has a wide variety of local market which has some remarkable things to offer travelers. Shopping in the needs of Moscow helps you know more about authentic Russian culture and traditional stuff. While you should avoid purchasing Russian books, perfume, […]

Where To Stay In Moscow?

Famous Moscow city has a never-ending nightlife with an energetic environment. Traveling to this city is a surreal experience. While deciding the accommodation, there are five famous neighborhoods. For example, Tverskaya, Petrovka, Kitay-Gorod, Chistye Prudy, and Arbat are fantastic budget-friendly, extraordinary, luxurious places to stay. Listed below are few Top hotels, hostels to plan comfortable […]

Night life of Moscow

Moscow never sleeps, a slang most used for the city as it’s famous for its nightlife in Russia. People who love partying should experience Moscow’s nightlife. Nightlife does not necessarily mean clubs and bars but can enjoy while strolling. Especially in the streets, attending operas, and visiting museums as well. 1) TOP 5 CLUBS:  Propaganda: It […]

What is the right time to visit Moscow?

Moscow is a beautiful city that experiences extreme weather from harsh cold to scorching heat and a fantastic autumn season. It is one of the breathtaking taking towns in Russia, which has impressive spots and picturesque locations to explore. The Right Time to visit Moscow is summer and around spring as well. Although you are […]

How cheap is Russia for Indians?

About Russia Russia is among the world’s largest countries with impressive cathedrals, monuments, and cities to explore for a traveler. The most famous region and most affluent in the central area in the entire region. Cities like Moscow, Chernozemye, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad Oblast, The Volga Region, Urals Region, and Siberia have fantastic buildings, landscapes, lakes, […]

Guide to Moscow- Trans Siberian Train

About Trans Siberian Line The Trans Siberian Train line is a railway network that connects Moscow to Russian east Vladivostok. It is 9289 km away is the longest line in the world. It was built under Alexander III’s governance of Russia and his son by the Russian Empire government in 1916. There are other two […]

Vegetarian Restaurant in Moscow

There are a lot of options for vegetarians in Moscow. Given below is the list of vegan Vegetarian Restaurant in Moscow : 1)Cafe Jagannath Cafe Jagannath is a perfect place when you are looking for vegetarian food in Moscow. It is near Kuznetsky street in Moscow. It offers a wide variety of Italian, Indian, Mexican, […]

Indian Food In Moscow

Indian cuisine or Indian food is a popular food in Moscow and other cities of Russia. One can easily find a variety of Indian dishes in the streets and restaurants of Moscow. The spicy Indian food in Moscow dishes is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. 1)Non-Veg dishes: FISH CURRY– A famous Bengali dish […]

Famous Churches In Moscow

Moscow or commonly known as Russia’s capital city. Also well known for being the house of more than a thousand churches. All these churches are built-in memory and honor of ancient Russian victories and celebrations. These beautiful cathedrals reflect Russia’s orthodox traditions. They became the primary reason for the increasing number of visitors to the […]