Moscow is a beautiful city that experiences extreme weather from harsh cold to scorching heat and a fantastic autumn season. It is one of the breathtaking taking towns in Russia, which has impressive spots and picturesque locations to explore. The Right Time to visit Moscow is summer and around spring as well. Although you are planning for a low-cost trip, the autumn and winter season is also good with snow all over the city.


The temperature in summer rises from a minimum of 10-degree Celcius to 25 degrees Celcius in the extreme. This season is preferably the best time to visit Moscow. As not covered the city under snow and you can perfectly enjoy your tour around the city. The summer season accounts for longer days and gives more time to travelers to explore the city. Other than sightseeing and cathedrals, the significant events to participate in the Usadba Jazz Festival and Moscow International Film Festival in June. It is the peak season because of which the prices of accommodation and travel are pretty high. It is advisable to bring some light clothes, an umbrella, and a raincoat.

2.Autumn(Sep- Nov)


In September, the temperature varies from 7.1-degree celsius to 15.4 and goes to 1.1-degree celsius in November. Although, the Autumn season in Moscow is quite unpredictable as the weather keeps fluttering. Autumn makes the city colorful with green, yellow trees. Visit it between summer and winter to grab some excellent deals on travel packages.

3.Winter(Dec- Feb)

Winter in Moscow is not pleasing as it seems. As the temperature goes down from -3.5 degrees Celsius to -12.5 degrees celsius. Snow starts heavily from the end of December, and the city gets covered with a white sheet. However, street cleaners keep removing the snow and not let it become a hurdle for travelers. Since Russia is known for its nightlife, one can easily enjoy it in winters. At the same time, the accommodation and travel charges are also cheap. The major event to enjoy is going skiing and celebrating Christmas and Russian’s New year. It is advisable to carry excellent and warm clothes to protect you from the harsh cold weather.



The temperature goes from 1.5-degree celsius in March to 18.4-degree celsius on the end days of May. Snow starts melting as march approaches and celebrates the Spring festival. Mostly, to welcome the spring season with a whole week of enjoyment, including games, shows, and many other activities. Spring is the Right Time to visit Moscow. The other major event celebrated in this season is victory day on the 9th of May. In contrast, celebrating the Russian Fashion week in May. The accommodation and travel charges start rising as the number of tourists increases in this season. 

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