About Russia

Russia is among the world’s largest countries with impressive cathedrals, monuments, and cities to explore for a traveler. The most famous region and most affluent in the central area in the entire region. Cities like Moscow, Chernozemye, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad Oblast, The Volga Region, Urals Region, and Siberia have fantastic buildings, landscapes, lakes, scenery, and parks of Russia with the famous trans-Siberian line. Find out how cheap is Russia for Indians.

Although Russia is one of the largest countries and has many tourist places, it still comes under BRICS. That is the five developing countries, and therefore is relatively 20 % much cheaper than India. According to XE , 1 rubble = 0.94 Rs. as per latest report i.e 25th march,2021.

50.0 52.45
100.0 104.91
200.0 209.82
500.0 524.54
1000.0 1049.08

Traveling charges

Traveling to Russia for Indians is a cheaper trip as compared to other countries. Can accumulate a journey to Russia under a less budget. Not only with Accommodation, transportation, food, Leisure Activities, and Entertainment. It costs approx Rs.3451 spend per day for a person.


In Russia, the average hotel price for a double occupancy room is Rs.3870, while the average cost for a single person is Rs.1935. In contrast, An average hotel in India for a single occupancy room is Rs.2907 per day, which is relatively high compared to Russia.


There are many options in city transportation such as taxi and local transport(metro), which is available in Russia. Costs of approx Rs.225 per day means the total cost is around Rs.2273 whereas, in India, you spend approximately 200 to 300 per day on the cab, bus or autorickshaws. The average airfare to travel to Russia from India costs around Rs.32,000 approx. 


Both countries offer multiple varieties of cuisine and street food to visitors. However, the average meal prices in Russia costs around Rs.833 per day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea. Whereas In India, an average meal including lunch, breakfast, dinner, and tea are around Rs.900-1000 approx.


Both the cities are famous tourist places. There are many fun activities and entertainment sources available in the country for travelers. That includes sightseeing, shows, carnivals, which are available at a cheaper cost in Russia than in India. In Russia, the average spent is Rs.960 per day. Whereas, In India, the average spent is Rs.1017 per day though Russia has many places to visit.


Overall, if you talk about a private guide tour in both the cities, including all the basic requirements of a travel package for a week, In Russia Rs. 24,153 per person for a week is the average cost, whereas in India, Rs.25800 per person. Hence, a trip to Russia is cheap for Indians because the Indian rupee is relatively more substantial in terms of currency than Russian Rebels.

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