There are a lot of options for vegetarians in Moscow. Given below is the list of vegan Vegetarian Restaurant in Moscow :

1)Cafe Jagannath


Cafe Jagannath is a perfect place when you are looking for vegetarian food in Moscow. It is near Kuznetsky street in Moscow. It offers a wide variety of Italian, Indian, Mexican, and other cuisines at affordable prices



Moscow Delhi cafe is a Delhi city touch small cafe with an open kitchen. That serves not only European bland food taste to its visitors but also vegan food.  It is near Yermolayevsky Pereulok in Moscow, with its authenticity blending well with Indian culture. An excellent and perfect place for satisfying non-meat food cravings.



Located at Tverskaya Street in Moscow, Avocado cafe is another vegetarian restaurant with some mouth-watering vegan dishes. The restaurant has words with unique names such as potato pancakes with mushrooms, Spinach chickpea curry, and other varieties. They are famous for serving dishes that are more than just cabbage dishes.



The bunker, the cafe Fruits and Veggies, located at Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Ulitsa. Consider it as the best inexpensive restaurant providing veg and vegan food. It’s a place that also has food for egalitarian people.




The cafe, as its name, serves freshly made vegetarian dishes to its guests. Located in Bolshaya, Dmitrovka has vegan, American, raw food available. They have dined out options and delivery services. The cafe built in 2012 by the Canadian chain fresh. Freshly, with a motto to provide a trendy and modern restaurant with enough seating arrangements.

6)Cafe Sok


 Art Club cafe Sok located at Lavrushinsky Ln, is a perfect place to spend a cozy evening in Moscow. Artists and musicians perform in the club. Enjoy them while having delicious Indian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian cuisine. The desserts served in the cafe are famous in the city because of their authentic rich taste.

7) 5+2 cafe


Situated in Myasnitskaya Ulits, Run by gastro enthusiasts. It is a restaurant with a casual place and an imaginative menu. They cook meals with no garlic and onion, serving proper vegetarian food.



Satva cafe Located near Indian culture & ISKCON, Also run by the people of ISKCON. It is a decent, low price restaurant with delicious Vegetarian dishes.

9)Flora No Fauna


Located at Central Market on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. A food stall, the Flora no fauna serves only Veggies made dishes and no fauna(non-veg) dishes. However, it has the best ecological coffee in Russia, a must-try when you visit Moscow.

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