Indian cuisine or Indian food is a popular food in Moscow and other cities of Russia. One can easily find a variety of Indian dishes in the streets and restaurants of Moscow. The spicy Indian food in Moscow dishes is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms.

1)Non-Veg dishes:

  • FISH CURRY– A famous Bengali dish made of fish meat cooked with tomato curry. In comparison, they add Indian spices as well flavors of garlic, ginger, and onion. Available at renowned restaurants like Tandoor, Khajuraho, etc., in Moscow for $14.9 approx.
  • CHICKEN TIKKA– Favourite Punjabi dish, chicken tikka is a boneless, juicy marinated well and served with yogurt. It cost around $15.99 at restaurants such as Malabar, Tandoor, etc.
  • CHICKEN KORMA– Prepared with yogurt, cashews, raisin, and added spices in the curry. Then cook the meat well to match the Indian taste. It costs around $13.9.
  • SHRIMP KORMA- It is a portion of seafood. A curry of meat cooked well with onion ginger paste and fresh tomato curry. Serve the dishes with Indian pieces of bread. Costs around $13.99
  • CHICKEN CURRY– Boneless Chicken curry perfect for satisfying Indian Punjabi cravings made using tomato and ginger, onions with well-added spices. It costs around $12.99
  • TANDOORI RASHMI KABOB– Chicken cooked by marinating it in yogurt; cook the Indian spices in Tandoor. It cost $14.99 approx.

Other non-veg dishes such as chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, and various chicken and seafood are available in Moscow. These dishes make it to satisfy all nonveg cravings of an Indian Tourist.

2)Veg Dishes:

  • PANEER PASANDA-Homemade paneer looking like cheese cubes with exotic herbs and spices. Serve it with Indian slices of bread such as Naan, Roti. It is widely available in vegetarian restaurants present in Moscow. The dish costs around 13.99 approx.
  • PANEER BUTTER MASALA– Another Paneer dish made with the same process and added butter for a perfect cheat meal. It costs around the same as the paneer dishes, i.e., $13.99.
  • VEGETABLE BIRIYANI– Pulao or vegetable biryani is one of the favorite Indian dishes widely available in Moscow. It gets prepared with boiled rice and finely chopped vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, etc. It costs approx $12.9
  • BHINDI MASALA (VEGAN)-Bhindi, also called okra, is sliced in between or sometimes finely chopped mixed. Secondly,, tossed in tomato curry and Indian spices. It costs around $13.99
  • VEGETABLE CURRY (VEGAN)-Tomatoes, peas, carrots, cauliflower, and other vegetables are cooked well n spices and simmered with masala sauce. It costs around $13.99
  • CHILI GOBHI– It is a cauliflower dish; the vegetable is cut into pieces and mixed well in marsala sauce with herbs and spices. It cost around $8.99
  • DAAL FRY (VEGAN)- The famous daal fry is a north Indian dish. Boiled lentils cooked well in masala tomato sauce, eaten with rice and bread. It costs around $13.99 
  • PALAK PANEER- Paneer cooked with herbs, tomato and palak is a vegetarian dish. Readily available for $12.9 approx in all the vegetarian serving restaurants and hotels.

Other popular vegetarian dishes in Moscow include ALOO MATTAR, BHARTHA, CHANNA MASALA (VEGAN), MALAI KOFTA, MUSHROOM MASALA, TANDOORI VEGETABLES. At the same time, the Indian food in Moscow can easily avail these dishes for $13.99 approx each.