Moscow is the currency capital of Russia, with beautiful streets and stunning architecture. It also has a wide variety of local market which has some remarkable things to offer travelers. Shopping in the needs of Moscow helps you know more about authentic Russian culture and traditional stuff. While you should avoid purchasing Russian books, perfume, and makeup. Here is a list of some fantastic Russian things you must look into. Specially in famous markets like Arba street, Izmailovo market, TsUM, Kuznetsky.

1.Russian Shawls

Russian Shawls and scarves are warm, stylish, and perfectly crafted at a 200-year-old small town name Pavlovsky Posad. The shawls are also known as Orenburg shawls, handmade stuff with good quality. The craftsmen made these shawls in beautiful colors, patterns, and durable than any other shawls available in the world.
Price varies from $50-$200

2.Matryoshka Dolls

These dolls are among the most popular Russian souvenirs; MATRYOSHKA nested dolls are famous for their unique design and placed one inside the other to decrease order size. These dolls are also called hidden dolls and range from 10 to 50 dolls in one set.
Price varies from $50-$500

3.Russian Vodka

If you fancy a drink, then Russian Vodka is a must for you to try. Since it is known for its taste worldwide. Russian Vodka comes in different products, namely Putinka, Gzhelka, and Kalashnikov. Vodka culture is spread across the world by Russian people and therefore is famous for its drink.
Price varies from $40 and above.

4.Faberge Eggs

Made from gold silver and designed with several stones. Faberge eggs were first crafted for a Russian king. As he presented them as a gift to his wife on easter. It is now considered an art jewelry piece and made for the royal family 30 years from now. They are pretty expensive and time-consuming production.
Price varies from $39 and above per piece.

5.Palekh Lacquer Boxes

These are handcrafted Russian wooden boxes carved with unique designs, paintings and miniature on them, and a lacquer coating. Boxes mostly MadeIn villages, namely, Palekh and Fedoskino. These boxes have pictures on them and are not precisely made from wood, as it seems.
Price varies from $200 and above.


It is a food item and a famous national product of Russia. Red Salmon Caviar is the fish roe sold mainly in the markets than the black caviar coming from sturgeon.
Price varies from $3-$5000

7.Russian Chocolates

Belgium chocolates are pretty famous, but Russian chocolates and candies are also worth trying in red square markets. There are more than 800 varieties of chocolates. It is also called Alenka Russian chocolates.
Price varies from $2-$20 depending upon the quantity.

8.Ushanka Fur Hats

These Russian fur hats a cute style with ear flaps alongside to protect you from Moscow’s harsh winters. The quality of fur is so good that it is also termed soft gold by Russians. Even Though you should Be aware of fake fur commonly sold products in the market.
Prices vary from $20-$100 and above.


It is authentic gemstone jewelry and extracted from west Russia located Kalinigrad region. Amber, also called tears of the sun, is a piece of must jewelry to buy in Moscow.
Price varies from $50-$6000

10.Russian ceramics

Russia  Produces the Ghazel ceramics from 1802 in two types, primarily blue and white ceramics. It has floral designs, colorful patterns that look stunning with its soft texture.

Price varies from $25-$100 and above.