Belgrade is a new beautiful city in Serbia. The country lies in the parts of southeast Europe and experience continental weather. It rains almost every time around the year. Most of the tourists avoid visiting in Winter due to heavy snowfall. However, the right time to visit Belgrade is in Spring or Autumn. One can also visit the city in the Summertime with many festivals and activities to enjoy.

Listed below are the different climatic conditions faced by Belgrade: 

1. Summer(June-August)

The temperature varies from 26 degrees Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius. The day is hot, with nights being chilly, making it comfortable to stroll and shop around. The maximum amount of rainfall received is for 15 days in these months. It is the hottest season in Belgrade.

However, one can enjoy many festivals and cafes in Belgrade. The most popular Beer Fest with bars and restaurants to enjoy on the street. Enjoy at the lake or swimming pools in your hotel rooms. Tourists visit less in these months. Hence one can have an affordable trip to Belgrade.

2. Spring(September-November)

The temperature varies from 25 degrees Celcius to 12 degrees Celcius at the lowest in November. The November months mark the beginning of the winter season. It also has the most fabulous days and nights—the most enjoyable season for indoor and outdoor activities. Also, there are openings for various summer clubs in Spring in Belgrade.

Enjoy activities like rollerblading, cycling, volleyball, laser tag, golf, and water skiing adventures and sports tour in the city. It is the peak season because of which accommodation and travel prices are pretty high in this season.

3. Winter(December-February)

The temperature varies from 3 degrees Celcius to 6 degrees Celcius at the lowest. It is the coldest season of the city with the highest number of snow received. The snow has covered the town with white sheets, making it a little uncomfortable for tourists to roam around. It is a low season with cheap travel and accommodation charges.

However, one can enjoy concerts, theatres, museums, and galleries at the winter clubs, concerts, theatres, and galleries in this season. While also experiencing the new year and Christmas festival in this season.

4. Autumn (March-May)

The temperature varies from 12 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees celsius. The end days of may marks the beginning of the hot summer period. It is another high season and the right time to visit Belgrade. Due to which accommodation is relatively high. One should make a booking for hassle-free trips to the city.


The Autumn period has cold days and chilly nights till the last of April. Hence, a period to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities with various festivals. 

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