Belgrade is the largest European city in Siberia. A beautiful town to visit, primarily known for its endless nightlife. It is starting with nightclubs, floating bars, rivers, and another sightseeing place there everything. This oldest city in Siberia has a lot for its tourist to explore, with being the least expensive in Siberia. Listed below are the top 10 must-visit places in Siberia to enjoy:

1. Belgrade Fortress

Located: Near the city center, Belgrade

The Belgrade fortress is a popular sightseeing place in the city among tourists. It lies on the eastern side of the river Sava. The 2000 old fort has a lot of excellent sites around to visit as well. The fort speaks about the historical war and stories of roman, Turkish, and medieval. The Kalemegdan Park is the central park at the fort that serves as a playground for kids.

Not only that, the sunset view from the park is not to miss a thing. At the same time, it is relaxing and walking around the monument. Indulge yourself in sports and adventure activities like chess, volleyball and skiing, ice skating in winter, respectively. There is a mini train as well that runs around to tour the park. Also, visit the cafe and shops to enjoy delicious food and purchasing souvenirs.

Other places near the Belgrade fortress are the victor, ZOO, Military museum, church, and Nebojsa tower.

2. Ada Ciganlija- River Island

Located: Sava River’s course through central Belgrade

The most popular Ada Cinganlija is a river island convert into the peninsula. A special place to spend a complete adventure and active day. It bears the 20-degree Celcius temperature in the summer season. It also has a wild forest covered with thick oak trees and animals residing.

Enjoy activities like kayaking, rowing, Bungee jumping, or play sports like golf, volleyball, and tennis at the beach. The clean beach provides a beautiful view with unique bars, restaurants, and a shopping complex nearby. Best place for picnic and 

Other places to visit near it: Savsko jezero lake, Avantura park, Hipodrom Beograd racecourse, Stay at houseboats.

3. Skadarlija- Vintage street

Located: Near Belgrade municipality of Stari Grad.

Also known as Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter. It is a street with restaurants, shopping complexes, bars, art galleries with folk and traditional music playing along. However, known earlier as a street for poets and authors, it became popular among visitors now. The vintage road is a beautiful place to stroll around freely on cobblestones. In the evening, one can enjoy circus stunts performed on the street or dine and shop.

Other places to visit near are Strogi center, Sprat, Museum of illusion.

4. Gardos Tower- Memorial tower

Located: Zemun, city of Belgrade, Serbia

Built in 1896, this splendid brick tower is a house of the gallery over the right bank of the Danube. The beautiful monument is a perfect place to visit to know more about ancient history. It provides a spectacular view of the city from the top. There is a small gallery with the story of Zemun and Gardos. 

Other places to visit near are Pompon Art Gallery, cafes, and restaurants.

5. Church of Saint Sava

Located: Krusedolska 2a, Beograd, Serbia

It was built in 1934, the largest orthodox church in Serbia. The church is a famous tourist place in Belgrade that is visible from many other landmarks. This 81 meters long church has Neo-Byzantine style with white marble representing divinity and peace. Visit this sacred place and spend noon between 50 ringing bells in the church.

Other places to visit near it:  National library of Siberia, Milutin Milankovitch Monument

6. Nikola Pasic square

Located: Near Stari Grad, Belgrade

Built in 1953, the Nikola basic square is the youngest Belgrade square. It has a large fountain with golden cannon street. Also, the place has a historical touch to it even after development. Being the oldest, the Batal Mosque pulled down in 1869. While the square now has a stunning cafe, restaurants serving delicious local and western cuisine, and various accommodation options.

Other places near it are Belgrade zoo, the Kombank area, and other sites.

7. Knez Mihailova street 

Located: Near  Stari Grad, Belgrade

It is very close to Nikola basic square, Stari Grad from the fortress to Republic Square. The perfect charm and environment of the street make it popular among tourists. The road is named after a Siberian prince. Also, known as the best shopping place with local to high-end brands complexes. One can also enjoy strolling at night in the street.

8. National Theatre

Located: Francuska 3, Beograd, Serbia


It opened in 1869, close to republic square street. It serves the audience with never had before live performance experience. Enjoy ballet shows, opera performances, and drama at the theatre. Visit the backstage and appreciate the beauty of the theatre from inside. The architectural development of the theatre has enhanced the traditional, cultural and spiritual.

9. Avala Tower

Located: Mount Avala, in Belgrade, Serbia

The telecommunication and observation tower is 205 meters tall. Being the fifth most giant tower in Serbia, it is a well-known monument. One should not miss clicking pictures while enjoying the breathtaking view from the building. Also, stroll around the city and appreciate the landscape beauty of the town.

10. Zemun- Bohemian villagelike 

Located: eastern Syrmia region, a central-western section of Belgrade.

It is a small town with bohemian culture in the city. A place to visit with a cafe, restaurants, the lake at the riverside promenade. It is also famous for providing mouth-watering local dishes, especially seafood. One can enjoy the view sitting at the riverside, go for cruise tour or boats. It is very near the gardens tower where you can have a comprehensive idea of the Zemun. A must-visit place in Belgrade.