Best things to buy in Belgrade

Belgrade is the oldest city and capital of Serbia. The beautiful city has various places to visit in the city for sightseeing, fun and adventurous activities. However, apart from strolling and visiting the places and sites in the city. A traveller loves to shop stuff while on their tour. Belgrade has a various speciality in […]

What is the right time to visit Belgrade?

Belgrade is a new beautiful city in Serbia. The country lies in the parts of southeast Europe and experience continental weather. It rains almost every time around the year. Most of the tourists avoid visiting in Winter due to heavy snowfall. However, the right time to visit Belgrade is in Spring or Autumn. One can […]

Top 10 places to visit in Belgrade

Belgrade is the largest European city in Siberia. A beautiful town to visit, primarily known for its endless nightlife. It is starting with nightclubs, floating bars, rivers, and another sightseeing place there everything. This oldest city in Siberia has a lot for its tourist to explore, with being the least expensive in Siberia. Listed below […]

Serbia Visa On Arrival for Indian Passport Holders in Covid19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic Period

Serbia, ( the Republic of Serbia) is one the country for Open for Tourist Visa in Europe in Covid-19 Time It’s a stunningly beautiful country that takes pride in its connection to nature, love of the outdoors, and its colourful heritage. Serbia has many natural features that make it beautiful. From mountains to rivers, this […]