Male is a densely populated island in the Maldives. Also known as the capital of Maldives. It is in the Indian ocean at the southern edge of the North Maldives. The island experience a tropical climate due to its closeness to the Equator. It has almost the same weather all around the year. However, the right time to visit Male is between November to April. Listed below are various climatic conditions experienced by Male:

1. Monsoon(May to November)

The temperature varies from 25 degrees Celcius to 31 degrees Celcius. It is a monsoon season in Male with the highest rainfall and strong winds experienced. Due to this, it is a low season with fewer travelers and crowds. If you have less budget, then it is the perfect time for you to visit Male. The accommodation, travel prices are pretty low with fewer crowds. They are making it comfortable for a traveler to enjoy at its best. 

One can enjoy activities such as Surfing is the most popular water sport enjoyed by water lovers in these months. People also indulge in Scuba Diving and Snorkelling.

Celebrate the Festival of Ramdan and independence day in July. There are a lot of events organized to celebrate these festivals on a grand scale in Male. Indulge yourself in performances, parades, and other events taking place in these months. Book a fabulous resort and enjoy your staycation at the island with a beautiful view and surrounding at peace.

2. Summer (December to April)

The temperature varies from 24 degrees to 31 degrees Celcius. It is a warm and dry season for Male. It is the most comfortable and enjoyable season as compared to the other season to visit. Hence, it is a peak season at the island, due to which prices are pretty high. Booking for a hassle trip is advisable. At the same time, the island is crowded the most in these months. The rainfall is less during these months because of which people can enjoy outdoor activities as well. Hence, I also called it the right time to visit Male if planning for a trip!


One can enjoy activities such as November- Victory Day and Republic Day to celebrate the cultural day at Male. Also, these are public holidays on the island. Mawlid is another festival celebrated in nov to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhamed. It is also decorated the street most beautifully for over two days.

Enjoy the national day in January or celebrate Christmas and new year on the island. Indulge yourself in sports activities at the beachside and click some beautiful pictures at the stunning island.