Abu Dhabi is a fantastic place with beautiful sites to visit. Shopping, sightseeing, festivals, activities are a must to enjoy things widely available in the city. However, one cannot complete their dish without some delicious meals. It becomes more critical for Indian tourist that craves for Indian cuisines in foreign Land. Therefore, The city has various Indian dishes for travelers provided by multiple Indian and local restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Listed below are a few varieties of containers available :

1. Biryani-

Biryani is a famous Indian dish simmered in juices, retains all its natural aromas. At the same time, it becomes imbued with the richness of flavors that distinguishes biryanis. Some well-known biryani types available in Abu Dhabi are listed below: 

Biryani Avadh ki: Fragrant chicken and rice cooked dum puked style. Also added in with avadh spices, saffron, and a hint of rose water. 

Sindh Biryani: A Muslim specialty chicken with slow-cooked homemade garam masala. It is refined with saffron, mint, and ginger.

Achari Biryani:  A Succulent chicken to try combined with garam masala in homemade achari. The gravy finishes on cast iron grilled with rice.

Paneer Biryani: For biryani lovers, create with creamy cottage cheese avtaar. A perfect dish for a vegetarian lover who wants to try biryani.

2. Kebab-

The signature street kebab is another famous dish in India and widely available in the city. They flash these dishes on Tawa or open charcoal grills. The result is always fresh, flavorful, and tasty. Listed below are a variety of kebab Available in Abu Dhabi: 

Chapli Kebab: Pashtun style dish minced kebab patty made with coriander crush chilly and spices. 

Murg Malai Kebab: A mouth-melting chicken piece delicately softened with cream. They are gently spiced and grilled on glowing charcoal.

Galati Kebab: The street food of old Lucknow inspires it. It is a tawa kebab of mushroom mints for the melt-in-mouth texture.

3. Non-Vegetarian curries-

To all the nonvegetarian lovers, Abu Dhabi has many curries with delicious and mouth-watering tastes. Specially to fulfill the needs of its Indian tourist in many restaurants and cafes. Some of the curries are:

Butter Chicken: Delhi-style favorite butter chicken in a rich, silky and creamy tomato gravy. It is a boneless, flavourful dish, must-try in Abu Dhabi.

Afghani chicken Mirch: Cracked pepper spice chicken in yogurt onion curry. Another famous dish to fill your appetite.

Achari tikka masala: Classic chicken tikka masala dish with the spicy and tangy sauce. An achari twist mostly enjoys with crisp butter naan.

Dhabba -d- Murg: The than variation on the legendary Dhaba chicken flavored with aromatic spices. 

Chicken Lababdar: A clay oven smoked morses of chicken with speical spice blend and enhanced. An added plum tomato gravy to enrich its taste from the depth.

4. Vegetarian Curries-

Aloo tomato kut: A humble preparation of potatoes in a rich and spicy curry of tomatoes. Very fondly enjoyed by Indian tourists. A favorite mom hand-cooked Indian dish.

Aloo Gobi: The classic combination of potato and cauliflower. A dish made in a speical spice blended with fresh ginger and other spices.

Dum ki Kali Dal: A creamy whole black lentils dish. And made with hand-churned butter slowly simmered over charcoal. 

Dal tadka: The yellow lentils dish cooked with green herbs. A sizzling spices meal with cumin and garlic touch.

Dum ki Bhindi: An Awadhi delicacy that is sure to delight all bhindi lovers.

Mushroom Kadhai: Some fresh butter mushrooms tempered and tossed in chilly pepper and red onions.

5. slices of bread-

There are different types of loaves of bread available. Indians most enjoy them as a side meal. Some types of slices of bread are available in ABU Dhabi. For example, Kanak-d- roti, Tikona parantha, Punjabi onion, and Mirchi roti, laccha parantha,rumali roti, naan, etc.

6. Dessert-

An Indian meal is incomplete without some sweet tooth. Therefore, Even Abu Dhabi restaurants and cafes serve some fantastic desserts to finish your meal with a perfect end! The famous desserts available are Kala Jamun, Rabri parantha, Badam ki firni, Punjabi kulfi, etc.

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