Little India or Brickfields near Bangar in Kuala Lumpur. Built by the Indian Community of Kuala Lumpur provides a fantastic opportunity to experience a tiny part of its subcontinent in Malaysia. Most Indian businesses and people reside in Brickfields. It became an emerging famous tourist spot near the kl central in the city. Little India has shops, restaurants, monuments, entertainment sources, and historical buildings with a touch of Indian traditional culture. 



Earlier, little India in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, which later in 2009 moved. It moved to Brickfields by cooperating with Indian PM, Manmohan Singh, and Malaysia’s PM. Apart from being a cultural place, it has various other things to offer its tourist.

1. Thean Hou Temple


Located in Jalan Syed Putra, it is one of the largest Chinese temples in Malaysia. Built-in the Goddess Mazu’s remembrance. The temple celebrates the Chinese new year and lantern festival on a grand scale. It gets celebrated by decorating the temple with vibrant colors and lightful lanterns. Overall, It is a photo-worthy spot with a fantastic view, especially at night.

2. Jalan Tun Sambanthan


It is a road with food shops, a wet market, and stalls. The complex offers traditional south Indian, north Indian, and other food, stalls with Indian culture, and ethenic goods. Even, It has a wet market with Indian people offering various local Malaysian products. It also has historical Vivekananda Ashram near it, an elegant building being a perfect Instagram photogenic spot.

3. Century-old Churches

Many beautiful churches are also popular wedding destination places because of the photogenic environment. Built in 1896, the Church of the holy rosary made in 1903. Tamil Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, a famous Tamil church built-in 1907. All the famous churches in Brickfield with Chinese inscriptions on the building as one of their exceptional; features.

4. Blind massage sessions 


In brickfields, a fun blind massage session is a must to experience. It has some fantastic parlors like Super Blind Traditional Massage Centre, Nice beauty, and other massage parlors. To relax and pamper yourself, get into the center and try the traditional Indian oil massage

5. Indian food


Little India has terrific restaurants, a cafe serving mouth-watering dishes. Some with Indian flavors and spices, local Indian street food, north Indian and south Indian food. And They also have a unique way of presenting their south Indian dishes on the banana leaf. It is a must-try while visiting little India.