About the Safari world

The safari world is an adventurous place near Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok, Thailand, a few km away from Bangkok city. The Safari world is divided into two major fun spots, namely Safari park and Marine park. Safari park makes it an ultimate experience with more than a hundred animals and Marine parks with exciting cruise rides, various shows, water animals, and an adventurous island.

Dining option: The safari world also has two buffet restaurants, namely jungle cruise and safari, and two fast-food restaurants offering a wide variety of thai and international cuisine

Gifts shops, guest services, coach facilities are other basic facilities provided by them.


Safari Park: 

Entry Price (Safari Park): Adult- 1000 Baht/ INR 2300 , Children- 900 BAHT/ INR 2100

Entry Price(Safari world + buffet) : Adult- 2000 BAHT/ INR4690, Children- 1850 BAHT/ INR4300

Lunch buffet timings: 11 am to 2 pm, extra charges applicable


The Safari park is 8km long, which takes a drive of 45 minutes to grab the opportunity of closely looking at the rare and endangered species of the animal kingdom. One can experience it by being in their car or by hiring a coach for a tour around the park. 

The Major attractions are:

  • Tiger & lion feeding show: Enjoy the fantastic breathtaking feeding show.
  • Giraffe terrace: It is one of the most attractive tourist spots in a safari park; purchase giraffe food from the counter and head to the deck to feed the wild animals.

  • Jungle Walk: Take a stroll around the jungle while coming across various species and wild animals. It is made with the touch of natural wilderness, dense and complex.

Marine Park:

Entry price:

  • (marine park): Adult- 1300 BAHT/ INR 3000, Children- 1100 BAHT/ INR2500
  • ( Marine park+ Buffet Lunch): Adult- 1800 BAHT/ INR 4200, Children- 1550 BAHT/ INR3600
  • ( Safari+ marine park): Adult- 1500 BAHT/ INR 3500, Children- 1400 BAHT/ INR3200


It has a wide variety of land, sea, and air animals with world superb stunts and performances—a truly animal magic park that fascinates not only kids but also elders. A day spent with animals with fun activities like watching the bird and elephant shows.

The Major attractions are:

  • Dolphin show: It starts at 10 am, the show is a must-watch as the intelligent dolphins will entertain you with their skills and stunts tricks performances. Watch them tossing balls, jumping from rings, and being in mid-air. One can travel under the sea with them as well.

  • Spy war starts at 2:50 pm; it is an action pack full of Hollywood blockbuster movie scenes with the bombing, gunfights, and other marvelous scenes happening around.
  • EGGs WORLD: Opened in 2007 is a complete information center built with attractive posters, designs, signboards, and videos to provide knowledge about the eggs.
  • Sealion Show: Starts from 2 pm, the sea lions perform with their unbelievable tactics and tricks, which amazes the viewers.
  • Jungle Cruise: A fantastic 30 minutes trip that makes you experience a deep tropical forest filled with crocodiles, gorillas, and many other dangerous animals. It is an exciting adventure among the thrilling water boat ride.  

  • Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show: Starting from 10:45 am. It is a lawless wild west show where the cowboys and bandits have knockouts, gunfights, fistfights with dramatic turns. While you are running for saving your life. The artist also performance live stunts for entertainment.
  • Orangutan Boxing Show: Starting from 10:40 am, this boxing show is more of a comedy show than an actual sport where it has non-stop entertainment, Orangutans swing bars, and carry out tricks to make people laugh.