Best Things to buy in Minicoy island

Minicoy Island, aka maliku, is one of the 30 islands present in Lakshadweep Island. The beautiful island is in the shape of a crescent has a picturesque view. It is just 70 km approx away from Maldives island as well. The island is known as one of the best shopping places in Lakshadweep. However, there […]

what is right time to visit Penang Island?

Penang is another southeast Asian tourist destination. The island’s temperature remains almost the same throughout the year, with scorching heat and humid and rainfall. Therefore there is no perfect time to visit the island. However, it is best to visit in December and February since the driest months, while September and October are the wettest […]

Indian Food in ipoh, Malaysia

The famous town among Indian tourists has Restaurants offering the best Indian food in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The city was built and had humble beginnings with a beautiful cityscape and vibrant charm with modern amenities. It is known as a foodie city that offers endless street stalls and restaurants eager to serve their Indian tourist […]

Indian food in KL, Malaysia

Besides the delicious Indian-way dishes, snacks and desserts are also very popular in Malaysia. With the Ayurveda style added with endless spice varieties and cooking techniques, Indian cuisine is relatively healthy. It is always possible to cook an Indian meal according to your taste and food restrictions. It is popular in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as well. Indian Snacks:   Mushroom pepper fry: […]

Best Things to buy in Turkey

Byzantium and Constantinople, A shopping paradise for all shopaholics, turkey is a place that has a lot to offers to its visitors apart from the beautiful places in cities. The numerous bazaars with handicrafts, food items, clothing, and jewelry are attractions among modern travelers. All these items vividly express the ancient European and Turkish culture. […]

Indian food in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, a famous Turkish city, s commonly known for its delicious food dishes. Being an Indian traveler, a craving for Indian food occurs. Istanbul offers delicious mouth-watering non-veg and veg dishes in Indian style. From dining out, fancy restaurants to street stalls with stunning sightseeing. There is plenty of Indian food serving restaurants like Musafir, Taj Mahal […]

Where To Stay In Moscow?

Famous Moscow city has a never-ending nightlife with an energetic environment. Traveling to this city is a surreal experience. While deciding the accommodation, there are five famous neighborhoods. For example, Tverskaya, Petrovka, Kitay-Gorod, Chistye Prudy, and Arbat are fantastic budget-friendly, extraordinary, luxurious places to stay. Listed below are few Top hotels, hostels to plan comfortable […]

Night life of Moscow

Moscow never sleeps, a slang most used for the city as it’s famous for its nightlife in Russia. People who love partying should experience Moscow’s nightlife. Nightlife does not necessarily mean clubs and bars but can enjoy while strolling. Especially in the streets, attending operas, and visiting museums as well. 1) TOP 5 CLUBS:  Propaganda: It […]

Hidden Gems Of Agra

Agra is known for the Taj Mahal. However, there are a lot of unraveling places in the city. These beautiful Hidden gems of Agra are a must to visit. Below mention is a few of them : 1.Cafe & bars: Agra is becoming a hub of many cafes and bars. Many newly opened Cafe in […]

What is the right time to visit Manali?

The charm of Manali is such that the hill station witnesses the arrival of hordes of tourists throughout the year. It welcomes one and all in its warm embrace, especially during the summers, also showers affection in the monsoon that soaks up the spirit of the sojourners and ensures that tourists chill out to the […]