Istanbul, a famous Turkish city, s commonly known for its delicious food dishes. Being an Indian traveler, a craving for Indian food occurs. Istanbul offers delicious mouth-watering non-veg and veg dishes in Indian style. From dining out, fancy restaurants to street stalls with stunning sightseeing. There is plenty of Indian food serving restaurants like Musafir, Taj Mahal restaurant, Dubb Indian, Tandoori Indian, Fusion Indian Restaurants. They do the listed below dishes to their Indian guests:

1)NON-VEG Indian Dishes:


  • Chicken Hazari Kabab: It’s a starter dish prepared through cooking. A Boneless chicken leg marinated in yogurt and cheese and cooked in tandoor. Price: Rs. 538 approx per serving.
  • Chicken haryali tikka: Another famous starter in Turkish for Indian people. A delicately marinated morsel of ChickenChicken in green masala and roasted in tandoor. Price: Rs.550 approx per serving.
  • Chicken Kadhai: Indian meal served with pieces of bread. A meat dish cooked in yellow sauce and garam masala.Price: Rs.590 approx per serving.
  • Chicken Korma: Chicken cooked in white gravy flavored with exotic Indian herbs and spices.Price: Rs.620 approx/serving.
  • Lamb shish kabab: Tender cubes of lamb marinated with Indian spices cooked in tandoor. Price: Rs.700 approx/serving
  • Lamb kadhai masala curry: Lamb cooked with gram masala and chopped onions tomato-based sauce.Price: Rs.710 approx/serving.
  • Goan Fish Curry: Sole fish cooked in Indian goa style.Price: Rs.710 approx/serving

2)VEG Dishes:


  • Samosa: Indian snack prepared with potato, peas stuffed in a waffle. price: Rs.322 approx/ serving
  • Raita: It is a side serving with Indian food. Yogurt of your choice mixed with veg mint. Price: Rs.180 approx/serving.
  • Pakora: Another Indian snack, crisp golden potato and onion bites. Cooked in a selection of spices in a chickpea flour batter deep-fried. Price: Rs. 300/serving.
  • Green Salad: It is a side dish served with Indian food. A perfect combination of seasonable salad. Price: Rs.280 /serving.
  • Aloo CHaat: It’s a famous Indian snack. They prepared it with cubes of potato flavored with Indian spices and chutneys.Price: Rs.300/ serving


  • Paneer Makhani: It’s a main Vegetarian Indian curry made with Cottage cheese. While cooked in makhani gravy. Price:530/serving
  • Malai Kofta: Combination of vegetable kofta cooked in mixed gravy. Price: Rs.540/ serving
  • Zeera Aloo: Cube of potato and spring onion cooked with Indian herbs.Price: Rs.370/serving
  • Dal Tarka: A very famous Indian curry, yellow lentils cooked with cumin seeds and whole red chilly.Price: Rs.390/serving
  • Channa Masala: Chickpea cooked with masala gravy. Price: Rs,390 /serving


3) Desserts:

Indian food is incomplete without desserts. Istanbul offers some mouth-watering Indian sweets such as 


  • Gajjar Ka Halwa: Carrot cooked with dry grapes, cashew nuts, and milk.Price: Rs.230/serving
  • Fruit Cream: Combination of fresh fruits and rabri. Price: Rs. 240/serving
  • Kulfi: It’s an Indian ice cream version, sweetened and thick, ilk with cardamom and rose flavor frozen. Price: Rs.340/serving.