Byzantium and Constantinople, A shopping paradise for all shopaholics, turkey is a place that has a lot to offers to its visitors apart from the beautiful places in cities. The numerous bazaars with handicrafts, food items, clothing, and jewelry are attractions among modern travelers. All these items vividly express the ancient European and Turkish culture.

1)Rugs & Carpets


Turkey has beautiful color carpets and rugs depicting turkeys’ ancient style and culture. A weaver makes them with distinct handcrafted types, such as flat weaving techniques. These rugs and carpets are the best and must to add to your home decor collection. They are widely available in Grand Bazaar.

2)Turkish Ceramics

The turkey monuments have different and vivid ceramic tile works, which attract tourists to purchase ceramic work products in the markets. The eight-century design ancient work ceramic bowls, plates, vases are must to buy from turkey.

3)Turkish Coffee


Coffee is a favorite evening drink of Turkish people; the flavors available in Turkish coffee are different in taste and style—the Turkish coffee powder made by brand Nuri toplar since 1890.

4)Turkish Tea and Glasses


Coffee, tea is enjoyed as a drink and a must purchase from the markets of turkey. The famous turkey glasses for tea and coffee are a must-buy. Available with different designs, double teapots, and coffee sets in Grand Bazar.

5)Turkish Mosaic Lamps


Mosaic Lamps Made with high-quality glass and brass material with colorful emerald and ruby. This expensive handmade craft brings a light atmosphere and energy to the room. All these types of lamps are available in various designs and work materials showing Ottman culture. According to one’s preference, all street shops and local markets deal in these products at cheap to high prices.

6)Turkish Delight



It is also known as a locum, and it is a famous Turkish candy or snack. A gummy style sweet delight offered in all the local markets. A must to purchase a gift for family and friends. It has a unique taste with rose, nutty flavors sold as Turkish cotton candy.

7)Nargile pipes


These are tobacco pipes, mostly known as hookah pipes used for smoking. Ancient rulers and emperors used these pipes. These pipes also served as a home decor item as they come in colorful and vibrant designs. However, they are difficult to carry back at home due to their heavy and oversized size

8)The Evil Eye


An evil eye is available in all the markets and shops of turkey. It is a blue color stone which is a circle in shape with an eye on it. The most famous for keeping evil spirits away. Considered it to bring luck and good energy to your home. It is a must to buy from turkey as it has some special powers known from the locals.