Minicoy island in Lakshadweep has places to visit as well to enjoy. The beauty is not so explored by tourists yet. Still, the stunning island is one of the best islands to visit in Lakshadweep, close to the Maldives. The island offers less yet excellent accommodation facilities for its guests. There are three accommodation Places to stay in Minicoy Island mentioned below. Check these resorts to enjoy your stay at Minicoy island: 

1. Minicoy Island Beach Resort

Price: Starts from INR 5500/single to a maximum of INR 10,000 for a super-deluxe double room.


The Minicoy island beach resort is new. It is very close to the beach with a beautiful view from the resort. It has excellent services with decent interiors. The resort also provides beach sports and water. They include some fun and adventurous activities for their guests in their packages.


One can enjoy their stay at this resort with well-equipped rooms and private cottages available. There is an old mansion at the resort that serves some fantastic delicacies to their customers. 

2. 20 Bedded Minicoy Resort

The 20 bedded Minicoy resort is a government-owned place. A well-maintained resort with basic facilities and services provided to their guests. It is an excellent initiative by the government to open such a well-organized resort on a remote island. The resort is very close to the lighthouse. Hence, travelers can easily travel through Popular sites.


At the same time, the bathrooms and rooms have an open-air ceiling providing a fantastic view of the sky, especially at night. Not only that, they provide food services to their customers. Their menu includes amazing local south Indian and Maldives authentic cuisine. One can stay at this resort to enjoy their stay.

3. Bella Vista Inn

Bella Vista Inn is the closest inn to Minicoy island. The inn is a calm and cozy place with essential services provided to its guests. The environment of the inn is quite comfortable and relaxing.


Also, run by a warm heated lady with managing friendly staff. They provide cheap accommodation to their customers. While also serves breakfast as a complimentary meal with rooms. One can easily enjoy A pleasant, affordable stay at this inn.

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