Osaka is a charming big city on Honshu island in Japan. It is a few hours drive away from the fantastic Kyoto city. The cities’ liveliness and fun environment are best known for its food, drinking places, and dynamic people with outgoing culture. It is also called the Nation Kitchen in Japan. It is a famous tourist spot, and people visit it all round the year. However, since it has a humid subtropical climate, the right time to visit Osaka is between in Fall or spring season. Listed below are different season experience by the city:  

1. Spring(March to May)

The temperature varies from 9-degree Celcius to 20-degree Celcius in this season. The lowest temperature is experienced in March. It is the mark of the spring season with the blooming of cherry blossom flower all around the city. The atmosphere becomes pleasant and quite soothing for travellers to roam around. While tourist appreciates the beautiful pink colour covered all over the city while visiting various sightseeing places, shopping, centres and other fun outdoor places. It is the peak season for travellers, and the accommodation and travel charges also increase due to the same.


One can enjoy various activities such as: 

  •  Enjoy the two weeks March Grand Tournament or catch a glimpse of plum blossoms. The sumo wrestling match is a must to watch while in Osaka in the spring season. 
  • Visit the mint museum, Nishinomaru Garden, Osaka Castle Park or Nagai park for the best view of the weather. 
  • Take a stroll around the Okawa river or enhance your knowledge at  Japan Folk Crafts Museum.
  • Celebrate the wonderful Golden week in May and Aloha Summer festival with festive activities, dance and delicious food. 

2. Summer(June to August)

The temperature varies from 23-degree Celcius to 30-degree Celcius. They are the hottest time months of the year. In these months, the humidity and dryness increase in Osaka with little rainfall. In the early month, more rain is experienced in the city. It is a low season because of the discomfort environment; however, if you have a low budget, then it the perfect season for you. 


One can enjoy various activities such as:

  • The best to visit beaches in Osaka such as Nishikinohama Beach Park or Tan’nowa Tokimeki Beach. To have a sunbathing and fun day all along. 
  • Enjoy various summer festivals held in Osaka at this time. Celebrate Tenjin Matsuri, a celebration of gods in July or Hydrangea Promenade and lantern festivals in mid-July and August.
  • Enjoy in thousand days festivals held in august called Shitennoji Sennichi Mairi. It is celebrated with religious prayer and offerings served to God and deities.
  • One can also experience firework at nighttime as PL Art of Fireworks Festival, Tenjin Fireworks. 

3. Autumn(September to November)

The temperature varies from 18 degrees to 28 degrees Celcius. Another beautiful season that experiences mean precipitation. The season is a high season with an increased number of crowds, because of which the prices increase. It is the right time to visit Osaka but It can be difficult for travellers with a low budget to travel to Osaka in this season. 


One can enjoy activities such as :

  • Enjoy the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri festival, the wildest festival in September. A substantial wooden festival to know more about the culture while having fun at the place
  •  In October, Attend Halloween theme parties by getting dressed up in spooky costumes.
  • Celebrate the Osaka Hikari Renaissance festival organised on a grand occasion. Have excellent meal from food stalls and drink sellers and worship the sacred deities.

4. Winter(December to February)

The temperature varies from 5-degree Celcius to 10-degree Celcius. It is the coldest season of the year, with painful cold days and chilly nights. It becomes a little uncomfortable for tourist to roam around in this weather. Hence, the accommodation is readily available and cheap as well—the perfect season for budget travellers.


One can also enjoy activities such as:

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve, aka the Shogatsu event, in December.
  • Visit these fantastic fun places such as Midosuji Illuminations, Osaka Hikari Renaissance, Abeno Tennoji Iluminage and many more. 
  • To enjoy ski visit the ski resorts like Hakodateyama Ski Resort in Osaka.
  • Enjoy the festivals such as Osaka’s Toka Ebisu Festival and Osaka Setsubun Festival.