The task of finding vegetarian food around the world is a difficult task. Still, when you travel to Istanbul, you get various vegan-vegetarian restaurant options. Visit them to have your daily meal and satisfy your craving in a foreign country. Most Importantly, the Turkish cafe has many plant-friendly restaurants. They offer a variety of veg food for their guests at a low affordable cost.

1)Bi’Nevi Deli


It is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul, near retailer street. It uses fruits, veggies, and dry fruits with different beans to prepare a delicious meal. They also offer healthy food and have the most famous dish Crunchy Red Lentil Bowl, a must-try.

Price: 216 Turkish lira approx for two people 

2)Vegan Istanbul


Located in Cihangir, Beyoglu, it is a cafe and restaurant with animal-free products on its menu. Besides, it provides cheese, pastries, and other dairy food from plant milk. The cafe is not only for dining but also for delivery and take-outs.

Price: 170 Turkish lire for two

3)Community Kitchen


Located in Takism, it is a vegan, vegetarian cafe with authentic Turkish flavor dishes. Hence, it is Filled with fantastic taste and tasty desserts. The restaurant hosts buffets on Sunday for its guests. It serves as a low-cost restro with a cozy atmosphere. Lastly, they provide a simple, budget-friendly meal with a comfortable environment for dining and take-out services.

Price:86 Turkish lira for two people

4)Zencefil Cafe


Situated in Taksim square, the cafe In Turkish means ginger. The restaurant is the most famous and authentic in Istanbul, known for its taste and food presentation. Moreover, it is known for its healthy food, including soup, eggplant lasagna, chickpea, etc. Zencefil has olden touch on the architecture of the cafe. The exceptional quality of this cafe is the translated English menu for foreign tourists.

Price: 125 Turkish lira approx for two people

5)Kirik Tabak Ev Yemekleri


The restaurant is a female own cafe best for small lunchtime hours. It has fresh salads, drinks, and a variety of other options for solid food as well.

Price: 113 lire for two people.

6)Rulo Ezberbozan Lezzetler


A Turkish wrap shop near Kadikoy has middle eastern touch interiors. The famous Turkish fast food restro which is vegan-friendly and suitable for vegetarian lovers. 

Price:136 lira approx for two