Best Things To Buy in Amritsar

1.Apparel/Clothing Amritsar is famous for its wide apparels. listed below Some of the must-buys: Turbans: It is A long piece of cloth worn as headgear by Sikh men(the sardars), a long tye-die material available in various colors, from white, usually worn by the elderly, to younger men’s bright colors. You can use roughly 8 meters […]

Best Punjabi Food in Amritsar

Amritsar, the holy city of Punjab, is a cultural center for Sikhs and a perfect place for food lovers. The literal meaning of Amritsar is a “Pond of Nectar,” and the name is from “Amrit Sarovar.” It is the holy tank surrounding the Sanctorum inside the premises of the Golden Temple. Whether it’s inner peace, […]