Amritsar, the holy city of Punjab, is a cultural center for Sikhs and a perfect place for food lovers. The literal meaning of Amritsar is a “Pond of Nectar,” and the name is from “Amrit Sarovar.” It is the holy tank surrounding the Sanctorum inside the premises of the Golden Temple. Whether it’s inner peace, food indulgences, retail therapy, culture trip, or a dose of greenery, all of it is available in one place, i.e., Amritsar.

1.Amritsari kulchas

It is best available at Pahelwan Kulcha on Lakshman Road near Moni Chowk. However, you can find it on every street corner at the kulcha stand.

Amritsari kulchas, as the name suggests, is a famous Punjabi breakfast dish in Amritsar. Chole is well-made using rich Indian spices and native herbs. The Kulchas are generously stuffed and made on the order-basis; it is flour bread stuffed with vegetables cooked in butter and served with chole (chickpea curry) and onion tomato sauce. The crispy Kulchas did on the butter paper {something unique in Amritsar}, and the Chole truly complements the Kulcha.

2.Langar and karah prashad

Golden Temple is famous for its Langar and Karah Parshad. The Temple offers langar for 24 hours while volunteering for cooking and cleaning is also appreciated. The food gets to serve for free.

Golden Temple kitchen ensures clean and hygienic food. However, the best part of eating at Golden Temple is eating the Khada Prasada whole wheat granules’halwa prepared with desi ghee. All Gurudwaras serve Khada Prasad, but the one here is heavenly!

3.Makki di roti and sarson da saag

It is Best available at Bharawan da Dhaba and almost all restaurants, dhabbas, and hotels in Amritsar.

The dish is a traditional Punjab dish and a seasonal dish and is best available during the winter season. Sarso da Saag is Mustard lentils, and Makki di roti is cornbread. It is a mustard dish served with butter, jaggery, and honey. 

4.Amritsari fish tikka

Best Available at Makhan Fish Corner Near Madaan Hospital.

For example, Fish Fried Sangara, Fish Fried Sohal, Fish Tandoori Sangara, Fish Tandoori Sohal, etc., are available in Amritsar Punjab. Still, Fish Tandoori and Masala are best among them.

Sourced daily from the local market the fish is fresh, tender, and juicy. Later on, it grills for hours in an earthen tandoor. Before its grilled, fish is marinated in their special Amritsari masala overnight. It gives the fish a very flavorful taste.

5.Ghee roast chicken

Best Available at  Beera Chicken House in Basant Nagar

All type of chicken is a classic delight for Punjabi food lovers. However, made this chicken champ in Amritsari spices and minced chicken in Amritsar. Mainly enjoyed as a starter as a wholesome meal with a tangi taste coated with various spices. Usually cooked at the home healthy dish.

6.Mutton Chaap

Best Available at Adarsh Meat Shop near Ranjit Avenue.

A slow-cooked, shallow fried, spicy, tangy, tender dish is Mutton chaap which serves all tastes in one.

Mughal delicacy served as a complimentary dish with Biryani or Roomali Roti.

7.Mah ki dal(Dal Makhani)

Best Available at Kesar da Dhaba.

A meal using whole black gram lentils is Mah ki dal or Dal Makhani. Then simmered for 12 hours and served with lachcha paratha or butter naan. Best food Available for vegetarians visiting Amritsar.


Best Available at Gian Chand Lassi Wala Near Hathi Gate.

Punjab is Lassi’s birthplace, and the original version is available in two flavors: sweet and salty.

Punjabis believe that the mango-flavored lassi is an absolute abomination. As many of us know and love their treasured drink.

9.Chole puri and pinni

Best Available at Kanha Sweets in Dayanand Nagar

It is another famous Punjabi breakfast. Tangy chole and puri or Chole puri is a potato curry. Prepared with lentil and jaggery, Pinni, on the other hand, is a sweet dish rich and delectable.


Best Available at A1 Kulfa on Queens Road.

Kulfa is often mistaken as Kulfi by people, Although Kulfa is the Amritsari version of Kulfi is different. Made this Kulfa out of Kulfi, Phirni, Faluda, and flavors at the top. It is a chilled mixture of both Kulfi Falooda and Phirni. At the same time, Rabri is with a heap of crushed Ice and the essence of syrup and kewra. Also known as rooh kewra or rose water. It’s a must-have for the summer season.