Bangkok, Thailand, has many fun places, sightseeing activities. The Other things to visit, but the experience of being on a river cruise is fantastic and a must-have.

About the Chao Phraya Cruise:

Chao Phraya Princess river cruise is a five-star luxury cruise and one of the most famous dinner cruises that embark on a 2-hour journey every day starting from River City Pier. It is the only cruise in Bangkok, Thailand, that serves their Indian tourist with some delicious Indian food, among the other cruise available. The main reason that attracts the Indian tourist to travel in this cruise.  

The Cruise cross overs various city sightseeing places such as The Grand Palace, the temple of dawn, iconsiam mall, asiatique riverfront, Enjoy the beauty of all these places while being on the cruise in the middle of the beautiful sea.

The city shines stunningly at night with buildings, temples glowing, making it a spectacular scene, not to miss.

The cruise warmly welcomes all its guests with some dance performance at the entrance. While speaking about the interiors, it is simple yet elegant with gorgeous art decorated walls with the breathtaking night view of Bangkok city.

The cruise provides both international and Indian cuisines buffet on board with welcoming snacks and drinks for guests. The variety of dishes and desserts varies from Thai cuisine, including authentic, delicious dishes.

Indian dishes from samosa, fries to a non-veg variety of mouth-watering chicken and fish dishes. Not only that, but it also has a bar for guests to enjoy unlimited mocktails and cocktails.

Price of International and Indian buffet

Above 13-year-old- Rs. 2579/person, Children- Rs.2345/person, free for below five-year-old.

It organizes various performances, including singers and musicians. Not limiting to international music but also presents some beautiful Indian music in its melodious voice. Keep your camera ready for some fantastic picture collection; one-day prior booking is advisable.

The facility at the Cruise:

Classical Thai meal and Indian cuisine, live band music, DJ, Pick and drop from the hotel, included in the ticket prices.