Rajasthan’s Pink City, Jaipur, is one of the most photogenic places in India. An endless number of Instagram spots in Jaipur, covered with different inspiring colors, culture, food, markets, and design. All perfect muses for a photoshoot. The pink city also remarks about the royal heritage of the town. All over the city lies some beautiful palaces, forts, and gardens that are tiny islands of great tranquillity. Based on the many old buildings, Jaipur is a highlight for architecture photography. The primary reason because of Jaipur is becoming an increasingly popular destination for the perfect Instagram shot.

1.The Lotus Gate at the City Palace

The lotus Gate is one of the major and famous among the four main gates present in the city Palace, such as Peacock Gate, Rose Gate, and Leheriya (Wave) Gate. All four are great gates in a courtyard of the City Palace named Pritam Niwas Chowk. Tripods are not allowed in the city palace; therefore, it’s advisable to carry a decent camera.

2.Amber Fort

Amer Fort is a beautiful fort located 20 minutes outside of the core of Jaipur. The most beautiful spot to take photos here is just after the ticketing entrance, the stunningly painted main gates to the fort. The defense itself is lovely to explore and offers fantastic views over Amer’s town, but the entranceway is the most beautiful photo spot. Visit this fort in the early morning or just before closing time to get the insta decent photo without many people here.

3.Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan

It is a royal crematorium of Jaipur; the majestic cluster of royal tombs is not so popular among tourists and is an excellent place for quiet meditation and a calm walk.

It’s also a beautiful place for photos due to the lovely architecture and clean colors. An entry fee of Rs.30 is charged. 

4.Samode Haveli

Haveli is located at the right of hustle city Jaipur. The haveli consists of a pastel color room full of hand-painted murals, a pool, and beautifully manicured gardens. It also has a quiet, gardened paradise without the loud din of the chaotic streets. Being one of the aristocratic Samode family’s primary homes, the haveli’s interiors and gardens are breathtaking. 

5.Samode Palace

On the other hand, Samode Palace has located about 40 km from Jaipur, considered the most photogenic hotel in Rajasthan. 

This Palace is one of the favorite places for private events and weddings due to which guests from outside are not allowed from taking a tour of the premises. Hence you should always confirm before going.

The charges for taking pictures in its many beautiful rooms is Rs.1000, which gets redeem in the restaurant inside.

6.Cafe & Bar Palladio

Cafe Palladio is unique, Along with its sister restaurant located right next door (Bar Palladio). It has early European feels.

The prettiest bar and cafe one has ever seen in Jaipur. It is within a restored garden in the historic Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. It has a stunning setting with primary interior goals inside and peacocks and mango trees outside.

7.Galta Ji (Monkey Temple)

Galta Ji has impressive architecture. Also called a monkey temple because this Hindu temple has many playful monkeys and religious pools inside. Beliefs have that pilgrims visit comes here to wash away their sins. There is no entry fee in this temple but appreciates donations.

8.Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is a water palace located inside the middle of Man Sagar Lake, also on the way to amber fort. Maharaja Jai Singh II constructed it in the Rajput style in 1799

The Royal Family’s summer palace as the lake’s breeze would surround the court to cool them down. Visitors are not allowed in Jal Mahal since it is under a massive restoration project, which will turn it into a luxury hotel. The lighting is more excellent at sunset to capture the Palace.

9.Jawahar Circle

Covered with a series of colorful archways is Jawahar circle becoming a favorite amongst photographers. Since it’s inside the pink building, it is not visible immediately. The circle also has a lovely relaxing park with a musical fountain. It’s open 24 hours a day.

10.Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell

Panna Meena Ka Kund has become something of an internet darling; Built in the 16th century to collect the monsoon rains, the stepwell was a center point for the community, used as a water source and bathing pool. It is a 10-15 minute walk away from the hilltop Amber fort. The geometric staircases are a stunning combination of ingenious Indian engineering and architectural beauty. It is free of cost to enter the well.