George town is an awarded UNESCO world heritage site and capital of Penang state, Malaysia. Other than the street art present in Ipoh, you can find fantastic street art in Penang. The culture started in 2009 by Tang Mun Kian. In 2012, the municipal council hired Ernest Zacharevic to create heart-taking art on Georgetown’s walls and street. He completed only eight paintings which later on followed by other local artists.

The areas such as Muntri Street, Weld Quay, Lebuh Leith, Armenian Street, Ah Quee Street, etc., have some beautiful examples of his art piece. All these places make Penang one of the famous tourist places in Malaysia.

How to travel: Roam and explore around in Rickshaws which is a one-hour journey. It costs around 80RM/INR 1450.

The Various street art on different streets are:

  • Mural Art on the road Labuh Armenian and Gat Lebuh Armenia:


A famous painting by Mr. Zacharevic, Painting of a boy on a bike. The boy is wearing an unstrapped helmet, looking behind and running away. It is a fantastic painting with a real motorcycle carved between wooden gates.


A local artist created another thoughtful painting. It says, “Only You Can Stop The pollution.” Click pictures with these fantastic arts.

  • Painting near the junction of Ah Quee Street and Pitt Lane:


The above art has a story written on it, and it is called a live Malay novel. It is based on local culture, people, and settings.

  • On the Stewart Lane/Klang Street:


In 2014, St Petersburg came to Penang. He created such paintings to depict the real man and their life struggles. This painting depicts an Indian “Boat Man” and its collaboration with sea fishing.

  • Narrowest Five Foot Way: On Lorong Stewart Street:


 Julian “Lefty” Kam painted five steel art pieces. One of the examples is the art shown in the above picture. “A coolie& English speaker.” It depicts the multiracial community of Georgetown that still exists.

  • Beca art on Chulia Street/ Lorong Chulia:


Trishaw paddler is also known as Beca. They are pretty famous in Georgetown. And the art piece are also inspired by it. There’s a real trishaw near it to click pictures as well.

Other Mural Art:


  • Commercial Murals on the walls of Penang Cafe’s & Restaurants:


Creative designs on the walls of the cafe are a way to attract tourists to George Town. All of the above pictures depict different artistic designs. Designed on the walls, on the side of doors, or the tree.

George Town has many more other mural paintings and street art to explore. Take a stroll to Georgetown’s different streets in Penang and learn about Penang’s history, culture, and insight. Don’t forget to click some Instagram-worthy pictures.

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