Pattaya walking street is a famous, wildest, and most significant buzzing spot. It is near the southern end of the beach road in Pattaya, Thailand. The one km trail street, well known among thai locals and international tourists for its entertainment and nightlife. Although, it is a red light district and not a family place. There’s much to explore in the city’s famous tourist place. 


Travel to the street by Cab or Public transport, accessible from Pattaya city center.

Opening Hours: From 6 PM to 3 AM, crowded at midnight. Entry of vehicles is closed at this time.


Things to enjoy at the Walking Street-

  • Live Performances & Concerts: Strolling down the street, one can watch amazing Thai bands performing on the road. Numerous performances & concerts are happening at one time. Enjoy them and get yourself drown in Street’s Nightlife.


  • Food & Drinks: From open street stalls to beautifully decorated restaurants, all at one spot. These places offer excellent delicious seafood, street-style dishes, and thai and international meal. While a variety of drinks and beer costs around $3.
  • Turkish Thai Ice Cream: The famous Turkish ice cream is also here. Try the fantastic ice cream through a tricky stunt performed by the seller.
  • Bars & Clubs: Dance and sing along with the bar DJ and crowd. There are a lot of Thail local bands that perform in bars as well. While sipping your drink, enjoy these music shows.


  • Muay Thai show: Walking down the street, watch the muay thai ( Boxing show). Either watch and click pictures or be adventurous and step inside the ring. It is opposite the shopping mall.
  • Bal Hai Pier: After a prolonged walking around the street, visit the Pattaya pier. A quiet and relaxing environment at night. Gaze at the star view of the sky and chill with your loved ones.