The Famous Chin Swee caves temple in Genting Highlands is a Chinese temple, Malaysia. It is near Ricky forest land, at 4.600 meters above sea level. A 10-minute drive down the mountain is this beautiful sacred Chinese Temple. The Temple is well known among the locals as well as international tourists. It has an erection buddha statue, pagoda with thousands of buddha paintings hanging on the walls.  


Opening Hours7 AM to 7 PM

How to reach Here: 

The Temple can either be reached by Awana SkyWay or by road.

  • By Awana SkyWayStarts from 7 AM until midnight, stops at chin swee station, takes escalators toward the Temple. Standard ticket price- RM8/INR 145, Express boarding pass- RM 40/INR 720. For floor gondola, ticket price- RM 50/INR 900 per person. Keep your tickets to travel further.
  • By road– Park your car in the temple compound, Book a Limousine Service, Board an express Bus for a fast trip, or Take a free shuttle bus.


The top Attractions at the Temple:

  • Statue of Guan Yin- It is a very tall Buddhist statue whose square stretches wide from the Temple’s gateway. Just behind the statue is another statue of late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. Visit these statues and learn about the history of the Temple. 


  • Nine-storey Pagoda– Visit after the entrance is a Nine story long Pagoda with Buddist deities pictures all around. Click wide-angle photos with the pagoda.


  • Sky Terrace35000 sq ft large sky terrace is also called a Place for heavenly offerings. Take a stroll around the cloudy place.
  • Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Hall is an accommodation center with a meditation hall and meeting room. This hall has 110 rooms and serves as an excellent place for yoga, group activities, and other things. Single occupancy Room costs RM 66/INR 1100. booking is advisable.
  • Vegetarian Restaurant: There’s a vegan restaurant that offers some delicious food cuisines. Most visited place by tourist.
  • 10 Chambers of Hell- According to Chinese belief, these chambers depict the journey to enlightenment. All ten chambers show a different level of painful experience one can have due to evil deeds.
  • Statue of Buddha– There’s a giant statue of Buddha, and a stone carving depicts the story. Many gazebos are there to provide a resting place for visitors.
  • Bridge Of Fairies– It is a cheerful sight of fairies located on a hilly path. They depict heaven with grace. And at the entrance of Chin Swee Caves Temple stands Nine color dragon wall of luck.


Spend a day in this Temple and learn about the Chinese culture in a cave temple in Malaysia. Click some Instagram-worthy pictures at this beautiful and stunning sacred place!

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