Dubai is a beautiful posh city. The city has among places for its tourist to visit. Being it the adventure and fun activities to amazing sightseeing, it contains all. However, if you are a shopaholic, then this city is a blessing for you! Dubai has fabulous markets with fantastic souvenirs to carry back as a memory. Purchase these items for your loved ones as well. Listed below are few things that you must buy from Dubai:

1. Camel Milk Chocolates

Price: Starts from INR 600

The famous sweet delicacy of Dubai is camel milk chocolates. A  single company named Al Nassama produces these chocolates. Chocolates made of camel milk with sweet flavors of Dubai are perfect for a dessert lover.


The company exports these delicious chocolates to other countries as well. They are not only made with different flavors but comes in different sizes as well.

These chocolates are widely available in Dubai malls, shops, and local markets. 

2. Dubai Dates

Price: Starts from INR 500

Dry fruits are enjoyed the most by vegetarians as a snack. Dubai dates are famous in the world due to their authentic quality and taste. Enrich dates with calcium, iron, and protein make them a healthy factor, especially in the summer.


It is one of the must-buys from Dubai products. These dates come in different variations according to their flavors. They are used essentially for cooking or eating raw.

Buy these cheaply and readily available dates from Dubai.

3. Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Price: Starts from INR 1000

While visiting Dubai, one can not miss purchasing some gold and diamond jewelry from the gold city. Dubai is known for its Gold, especially black gold. The elegantly designed gold and diamond jewelry is appealing to the eyes.


The primary reason for being so famous cause gold prices in Dubai very cheap compared to other countries. Hence, don’t forget to buy yourself some unique jewelry pieces.

4. Arabic Attars

Price: Starts from INR 300

The fragrance oils, commonly known as ittar, were popular in the early period. Royal people use it as perfumes. Arabic attars have a different kind of smell that attracts the people most. It also has plant-based alcohol-free products.


Oudh and bakhoor are the most famous attars in Dubai and little expensive. These perfumes also come in incense stick-type material. Hence, worth your money.

5. Traditional Arab Shoes

Price: Starts from INR 800

Arab shoes are different from shoes available worldwide due to their design and quality. The shoes have a design inspired by Aladin times.


Mostly, Made with thread work, beads, mirrors, and other quality stuff, these beautiful shoes are hand-made crafted products.

6. Arabian Coffee and Coffee pots

Price: Starts from INR 1000

Arabian coffee is one of the rare tastes you only find in Dubai. The delight bitter flavor of Arabian coffee speaks of ancient Dubai cultures. As the royal liked their coffee tastes, the same is sold in the markets of Dubai now.


At the same time, Arabian coffee sets own by each Arab house set as unique crockery sets. These sets being beautifully designed with fancy structure—another best thing to buy from the city. The coffee pots in Dubai aka, kava with embedded gold and silver lining. A precious item to purchase from Dubai.

7. Pashmina Shawls

Price: Starts from INR 5000

Pashmina products carved out from goat hair have cashmere wools blended with expensive silk. Its smooth and soft fabric texture stands it out from other materials. Their authentic design is famous in Dubai markets and among tourists.


One can pass these shawls from a ring hole to check their authority. Pashmina shawls pass out quickly since they have a smooth texture. However, they are a bit expensive but are worth buying products from Dubai.

8. Lamps & Lanterns 

Price: starts from INR 500

Mirrors and beautiful designs carved out make These beautiful lamps. Also, famously known as Aladin lams as well in the city. These lamps make you remember fairy tales story about Aladin and its genie. The detailing on the lights attracts the tourist most.


Another similar product is Lanterns. They help you to decorate your house and a bright shine beautifully. The beautiful handmade product with fine work is a must buy from the markets of Dubai.