Abu Dhabi is a beautiful yet hottest city in UAE. The town has an adventure park, sightseeing places, tours, and activities to perform and do while visiting it. However, the weather condition matters a lot while roaming around the city. One can see the stunning Abu Dhabi in any season. Still, the right time to see it is October to March when it is less hot comparatively. Listed below is the brief about the different season experienced by Abu Dhabi:

1. Winter(November-March)

The temperature varies from 18 degrees celsius to the max of 30 degrees Celcius in these months. It is the winter season, where the days are pretty cool and chilly nights—the ideal weather for tourists to visit the city in these months due to the comfortable temperature. However, due to being a peak season, accommodation and travel charges is pretty high. Consider booking before visiting the city in this season.

Other than sightseeing tours, shopping, nightlife, and adventures. One can enjoy various activities such as:

  • November- Participate in the thrilling Abu Dhabi Grand Prix event held in the end days of the month for some crazy fun experience.
  • December- The UAE’S National Day Festival celebrates independence while special events are organized for the same. Enjoy Christmas and new year’s activities as well celebrated wonderfully in the city.
  • January- A month-long Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is depicting cultural diversity through various shows and performances. Traditional shops and cafes set up their business for the same.
  • February: Indulge yourself in Gourmet Abu Dhabi or Qasr al Hosn Festival held in February. 

2. Spring (March-May)

The temperature varies from 20 degrees to 38 degrees Celcius at the highest. The spring season marks the beginning of the hot weather in Abu Dhabi with humid weather. In this season, the weather starts getting a little uncomfortable, due to which it is a low season. The accommodation and travel charges are cheap, due to which it is the right time for tight-budget travelers. Enjoy sightseeing, nightlife, and other fun activities in these months.

One can also activities like:

  • March: Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, Spring Festival at the Yas Mall, The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge are all fun events to attend for adventurous activities.
  • April- May: Abu Dhabi international book fair and Ramadan is the festival greatly celebrated in the city with fun activities, shows, and performances.

3. Summer(June-August)

The temperature varies from 25 degrees to 42 degrees Celcius. The hottest season of Abu Dhabi with scorching heat and humidity. Although it is hot on days, nights become more remarkable due to which one can easily enjoy Nightlife, shopping, and the cafe of the city. Also, the best season for the ones looking for cheap hotel prices.

Enjoy indoor activities, Water sports in these months or activities such as:

  • June- Summer fest with more than ten stalls for shopping, eating, and other fun activities for enjoyment. While Ramadan, the festival of Muslims, is also celebrated in these months with great enthusiasm.
  • July- August: One can enjoy the Liwa date festival and extended Summer fest in these months. 

4. Autumn(September-October)

The temperature varies from 26 degrees to the highest 36 degrees Celcius. It is the autumn period with less heat and humidity. It also marks the peak season as more tourist travels in these months, especially in October. Due to which accommodation rates are pretty high again in these months.

Visit beaches or sightseeing places or enjoy these fun activities and festivals such as:

  • September: Yasalam is one of the countries favorite festivals. Famous worldwide due to the action-packed ten days of world-class entertainment.
  • October- December: Abu Dhabi Film Festival in October and Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Emirates International Date Palm Festival in November.