Belgrade is the oldest city and capital of Serbia. The beautiful city has various places to visit in the city for sightseeing, fun and adventurous activities. However, apart from strolling and visiting the places and sites in the city. A traveller loves to shop stuff while on their tour. Belgrade has a various speciality in the range of products that one must not forget to buy. Listed below are few souvenirs to purchase from Belgrade: 

1. Traditional Serbian pottery


Serbian pottery comes from Zlakusa city, made with some ancient old techniques. At the same time, All these techniques were used in ancient times by older generations. Created by the local’s artisans as handmade craft items, it is a popular souvenir item. This pottery helps in cooking some authentic Serbian dishes in Serbia. However, earlier, they used these methods as cooking utensils to cook food. This pottery brings different taste and flavours to the plate. They come in different colours and patterns. People get addict to these Serbian food taste and bring back this pottery to cook for them in their native places.

2. Bermét (Local Wine)


Bermet is the local name of the Serbian dessert wine. Also known as a dessert wine because it is served usually with dessert in Serbia. The recipe of this tasty wine has always kept as a top-secret. However, one can bring back bottles of wine. The wine comes in two different colours, i.e. Red and white. These wine have speical herbs and spices of 20 varieties included in them. Each type of wine has various flavours that bring taste and delicious essence to the drink.

3. Licider hearts (Cookies)


Leider’s hearts, a sweet taste cookie sold in Serbia. These cookies look fantastic with their designs and beautifully decorated. These traditional dessert cookies, made with flour and decorated with white and vibrant colours icing. One can even write and get their messages present through these cookies for their special ones. Enjoy purchasing them, especially in Belgrade’s Christmas Market, for various creative designs.

4. Ajvar (Dip)


Serbian meals without Ajvar dip at the side is incomplete. Ajvar, a tangy-sweet drop made with red peppers cooking into delicious ingredients with a unique taste. These tangy dips are amazing to try with your meals in Belgrade. All the magical elements in these Ajvar dips attracts the tourist most. 

5. Rakija ( Fruit Brandy)


Rakija, aka Čokanjčiči, is a potent alcoholic beverage. It is the national drink of Serbia which is a must to bring back as mini bottles. Made through fermented fruits, this Fruit brandy has different taste and flavours from other beverages available. There are different types of Rakija available in the markets of Belgrade. However, the famous ones are šljiva (plum), Danja (quince) and kruška (pear) Flavours. All these strong flavour drinks are worth trying while on tour to Serbia.

6. Sirogojno (Traditional Dress)


Sirogojno is a modern yet traditional style sweater or Jumper. Skilled woven artisans design them. These Sirogojno sweaters are a warm, stylish and comfortable piece of clothing available in Belgrade, Serbia. At the same time, the quality and authenticity attract the tourist most. Now they have become a world popular clothing piece among the tourist. 

7. Frula (Musical Instrument)


Furla, aka Svirala or Jedinka, is a musical instrument in the shape of a wooden flute. Each country has their different type of music, and the same goes for Belgrade, Serbia. The music created through the flute brings eternal peace to the ears. It is influential music that Shepperd also uses for flocks.