Male Island is a densely populated area in the Maldives. It has beautiful mosques and sites to visit. While visiting these fantastic locations, one always look for items to shop for. Shopping from places abroad serves as a memory for a tourist. There are many markets in Male such as Majeedhee Magu, Local market, malls & Supermarkets. The Maldives provide some unique and Best Things to buy in Male.

Listed below are some souvenirs products to buy from Male: 

1. Thundu Kunaa( Wicker Mats)

Price: Starts from INR 3000 


Thundu Kunaa is Also known as wicker mats. These are traditional Maldivian mats that come under the handicraft category as they are prepared using natural fibres that get handwoven by local handicrafts. However, these items were earlier used by royal palaces. Now comes in handy for sleeping, praying, sitting. At the same time, the most expensive ones come with golden and silver lace. All of them comes in different designs and patterns. These are perfect for adding to your home decor. 

2. Lacquer Products( Handicrafts)

Price: Starts from INR 1000


Lacquer is a design very famously used in the Maldives. At the same time, handicrafts items with these design are pretty famous among travellers and locals. Many things come with this work, such as vases, boxes, plates, baskets, toys uses, tubes, containers, baskets, toys, etc. They are primarily coloured in red, black and yellow, extracted from the juice of trees and plants. The brightly coloured design with unique fabric makes them attractive for tourist to purchase. 

3. Dhonis ( Traditional Boats)

Price: Starts from INR 2000


Dhonis, aka traditional boats in the Maldives, depicts the transport most used on the island. Ferry, i.e. boat, is the most common mode of transport used, and these Dhonis made up of wood symbolises that. These miniatures version comes as a memory for the tourist to take back home. All of them have fine detailing with definite structure because of which its price is relatively high.

4. Maldivian Sarongs( Clothes)

Price: Starts from INR 700


Maldivian Sarong is a type of Maldives culture clothes. They are mostly called beachy outfits used for the same. Both men and woman generally wear these stylish, vibrant hues and floral print clothes in the Maldives. Woman specially wore them during festivals and occasions as a traditional clothing piece in the Maldives.

5. Coconut Items

Price: Starts from INR 200- 4000 and more


Coconut trees are found everywhere on the male island. Male people have smartly used these coconut shells to use them as souvenir product. They have converted these coconut shells into different items. For example, statues, vases, wall hangings, baskets, bowls, spatulas, lampshades, coir ropes, mats, bags, etc. All these items are handicrafts and made by the local artisans with the skills and techniques.

6. Traditional Jewelry

Price: Starts from INR 1000


Jewellery made from seashells, beaches products and other local products is quite famous here. Local artisans create Traditional jewellery pieces for local women and tourist. For example, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. They are made of shells, stones, ceramics with beautiful and unique designs.