Paradise started in 2012 and may be a unique and tricky museum located in North Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand’s first trick-eye gallery was the dream of famous artist Mr. Chin Jae Yeo, who wanted to present lively scenes filled with life. He created the masterpiece within the museum with the assistance of other 12 artisans. There are quite 140 3D artistic designs in several sections of the museum. The museum keeps getting developed with further additions to the art style.

The interactive 3D drawings present within the museum look so real, a bit like the scene is present. The gallery with all such artistic cleverly made drawings. Some examples are delusional pictures, wild animals and nature, past civilizations and reproductions of classic art, and lots of more. AR effect may be a new technique added within the museum, bringing more style and creativeness within the pictures and videos.

There is alittle cafe near the museum for refreshments and a store that sells paints and other artistic products. Visit it anytime together with your camera and mobile phones able to capture the superb illusions within the museum.

Ticket Price: 500 Baht/INR 1100- Foreign Adults, 300 BAHT/INR 700, 150 BAHT- Thai residents.

The different zones present are:

1.Thai- This zone represents the thai culture and authentic traditions of Thailand. One can click pictures while attending the Songkran festival or with a picturesque lantern and giant token hands.

2.Fantasy- Everything you’ll fantasize about, this section explores imagination and creates a terrific experience for you while visiting the museum.

3.Dinosaur- click pictures with the species not exist anymore, dinosaurs. The zone has various paintings of untamed dinosaurs who are thrilled to urge captured.

4.Exhibition Room- Display of recent art and therefore the contemporary culture which depicts the society of the 21 st century.

5.Egypt- This zone causes you to believe that you simply are in Egypt thanks to the disillusioned pictures of Egypt and Egyptian eras present all round the place.

6.Ayutthaya- the foremost significant zone among all other zones. it’s the art of buddha statue, block bridge that creates you are feeling as if you climbed it. Other marvelous civilization period paintings to urge yourself captured.

7.Classic art- Be a neighborhood of the normal art, create and draw Monalisa, only for an image or be Leanardo Leonardo by engaging in such a fashion that it all looks natural.

8.Safari- Experience the safari world, walk among the forest with elephants, a zebra herd, and a long-neck giraffe during the painting.

9.Aqua- Meet the underwater animals, be a gorgeous mermaid, click pictures with a sulfur bottom or fight with giant fish, enjoy the water animals, and luxuriate in the marine world.

10.Diorama- it’s thai culture depicting dolls, figurines employed by making Korean sculptures and techniques.

The museum is different from the opposite museums because it features a fun activity to try to do inside. At an equivalent time, click pictures with scenes that look more realistic. Touch, climb, and pose to Be a neighborhood of the artist’s stories and illusions. it’s a requirement to go to an area worth your money.