Malaysia is a famous country across the globe and one of the most popular places for tourism. There are a lot of beautiful cities and places for tourism in the country. Malaysian people are pretty passionate about their food culture. Malaysian Food is something that one must try while visiting the country. The cuisine has both non-veg meat and veg dishes to offer. They get prepared with a mix of robust, spicy, and aromatic flavors from Southeast Asia. The discipline put in to prepare each dish with the right ingredients attracts the tourist most.

The top 10 must-try Malaysian dishes are:

1.Roti canai



As roti is a staple food eaten with side dishes in India, Roti canai is Malaysian. It is a flatbread usually served with three different flavored sauces or bean lentils. It is a perfect dish for vegetarians, veggies lovers, and simple Food taste lovers.




It is a meat dish that is seasoned and skewered served with peanuts, onion, and cucumbers. It is a juicy, charcoal-grilled meal with spicy, tangy flavors available in chicken, lamb, and beef versions. Also, it served as a snack in Malaysian restaurants and flights.

3.Kaya pau



Chinese bun filled with jam or sauce. A spread or a jam made in butter and coconut milk with added flavors mostly eaten by applying a loaf of bread or bun. It is a perfect breakfast meal, light and quickly made with a delicious taste.

4.Nasi Lemak



Nasi is the name used for rice in Malaysia. Locals also call it Malaysia’s unofficial national dish. The delicious dish is boiled rice cooked in coconut water. This rice dish with brown Peanuts, Boiled vegetables, meat, chili sauce, and hard-boiled egg is a must to try.

The dish also has a vegetarian version for vegetarians. It is a famous dish around the countries such as Indonesia, southern Thailand, and Singapore.

5.Assam laksa



It is a basic rice noodle dish prepared with coconut milk and fish curry. It is a thick slurry staple food with tamarind, perfect spicy fish broth. Laksa is a local name for curry, and this dish is influenced by the Indian city Assam. Hence it is named as such.

6.Beef rendang



Beef Rendang is a very famous nonvegetarian dish made with beef cooked in a spicy, tangy sauce. It is a curry dish majorly prepared during the festival season.

7.Fried rice



It is a famous Chinese dish, prepared in Malaysia with their touch, cooked in Boiled rice with carrot, peas, beef/meat or chicken, and sometimes eggs. They get Prepared as The vegetarian version by a lot of street stalls and restaurants on-demand.

8.Bak kut the



A pork rib stew dish, thick in consistency made in a salty broth, is majorly enjoyed with a bowl of rice.




The meal is always incomplete without a dessert! This Malaysian dessert is more like ice cream, however, with Malaysian touch. Coconut milk served in a bowl with palm sugar syrup, jelly, and other toppings used to increase the dish’s flavors and taste. Cool yourself down with this fantastic bowl of dessert.

10. Ais kacang



It is a Colorful shaved ice dessert prepared with toppings of the bean, jelly, and other ingredients. Different colors of syrups are pour onto it to make it look attractive as well as mouth-watering.