Penang has various beaches, with most of them located in Penang’s northern part. These breathtaking beaches attract the tourist most. It has quiet, peaceful beaches as well as crowded ones. One such kind is the Monkey beach in The national park, also known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve.

Monkey beach locally called Teluk Duyung located in the fringe of the park. It was named before the crab-eating macaques resided here once. A short tour to monkey beach is a fun-filled experience to bask in the sun while sitting on white sand, doing hand fishing, and encountering the wildlife present on the Beach.

One Can reach the Beach by two different routes:

  • Take a boat ride concisely costs you around RM 50 to 100 depending on whether it’s a one-way trip or round. The boat is available from the information center presents at the entrance of the national park.
  • Hike to the Beach, and if you are a sports lover, you can experience hiking up to the Beach by crossing bridges and several wild trees and steep hills. It is an adventure and challenging hike from the starting point to the Beach takes up to 2 hours. While entering for a walk, you need to buy a ticket to enter the canopy walkway from the counter.

While traveling to the Beach, one should carry enough food and drinks, especially for those planning to hike to the beaches, since no such facility is available.

One can also explore the park further by hiking up to the end, i.e., reaching the turtle beach. Many wildlife presents for one to look at, such as flying squirrels, lemurs, fruit bats, otters, and white-bellied sea eagles. There is a campsite available at the Beach for camping, enjoy a nice picnic or swim around. The Beach is entirely on weekdays mostly. The best time to visit the Beach is in the dry season for hiking. Summer for enjoying the Beach and escaping the scorching heat.