Tokyo is a metropolitan, the busiest city capital of Japan. The stunning buildings, sightseeing places, and amazing tech-based things are the major tourist attraction. Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate and has temperature weather all around the year. However, the right time to visit Tokyo is in Spring or Autumn season. Listed below is the different climatic conditions experienced by Tokyo:

1. Spring(March-May)

The temperature varies from the lowest 5 degrees Celcius in march to the highest 22 degrees Celcius. The march marks the beginning of the spring season, followed by summer. The spring season is the most beautiful weather with flowers covering the city. Where the days and nights are pretty pleased with frequent rain showers in the season. Due to the comfortable temperature, it is the favorite tourist season. Hence, accommodation and travel charges become expensive in these months. Booking your arrangements in advance is advisable.


One can enjoy various activities such as: 

  • March: Enjoy AnimeJapan, the biggest Anime trade show in Tokyo, or Tokyo Marathon in the first week of March. Even watch the beautiful cherry blossom show called Hanami in the season. 
  • April: Celebrate the Kanamara festival in the first week of April
  • May: Enjoy Golden Week to celebrate the travel season or Sanja Matsuri at Senso-Ji temple.

2. Summer(June-August)

The temperature varies from 18 degrees Celcius to 35 degrees Celcius at the highest. It is the hottest season of Tokyo, with dry, humid days and cool nights. The weather is hot and sticky, making it quite uncomfortable for tourists. It is a low season because of which accommodation and other charges are still the same, however. A person can easily plan a  budget-friendly trip in these months.


One can enjoy activities such as:

  • June: Enjoy the week-long Sanno Matsuri sacred festival 
  • July: Celebrate the Sumida River Fireworkson the Last Saturday of July. Enjoy the beauty of the sky, shop, or eat some local cuisine at cafes and restaurants.
  • August: Indulge yourself in Asakusa Samba Festival on the Last Saturday of August. Spend your day at these beaches Onjuku Beach, Isshiki Beach, Southern Beach Chigasaki, or Shirahama Beach. Especially to escape the scorching heat.

3. Autumn (September-November)

The temperature varies from 8 degrees Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius at the highest. The season experience heat and humidity as well as little rainfall at times. It is another beautiful season where trees and the environment changes color with amazing vibes all around. The peak season with more crowd in these months. It is the right time to visit Tokyo in this season for full enjoyment and a wonderful experience.



One can enjoy activities such as: 

  • September: Enjoy Tokyo Game Show at the Makuhari Messe event center with fun electronics games with family.
  • October: One can Celebrate the events organized for Tokyo International Film Festival. Also, enjoy other Chrysanthemum festivals held at different parks, museums, and galleries.
  • November: Culture Day, Shichi-Go-San Festival, Labor Thanksgiving Day are all autumn festivals celebrated on a grand scale in Tokyo. 

4. Winter(December-February)

The temperature varies from 3 degrees Celcius to 12 degrees Celcius. The days being cool, and the nights be coldest. It is a low season with less tourism. However, hotel rates in Tokyo remain expensive throughout the year. So one cannot expect low speeds even in this season.  Due to snow it also becomes uncomfortable but still is fun to roam around the city in this weather.



One can enjoy activities such as:

  • December- Enjoy Emperor’s Birthday or New Year’s Day with the elaborate mid-down Christmas. All of these beautiful festivals bring joy and fun for tourists.
  • January: The Hatsumode is the first shrine day of the new year. 
  • February: Celebrate Setsubun with locals by following the tradition of burning roasted soybeans. It is to scare the evil and bring positivity. One can also indulge in National Foundation Day at the imperial palace.