Kyoto is a fascinating cheap city on the island of Honshu in Japan. It is a city with beautiful shrines, temples, and other sightseeing places to visit. An excellent and full entertainment-packed place for tourists to travel around. Tokyo is in the southern part of Honshu island with temperate and mild winter. While hot, moist, and rainy summers at various points in the year. However, the right time to visit Kyoto is in the Spring or Fall season. However, it spreads its charismatic beauty throughout the year.

Listed below are various climatic conditions experienced by Tokyo: 

1. Winter(December-February)

The temperature varies from 1-degree Celsius to 7 degrees Celcius at most in February. It has freezing weather with sunny days and little precipitation. In these months, one can also experience little snowfall at times. It becomes uncomfortable to roam around in this freezing weather for tourists. Hence, it is a low season. But if you plan a trip during these months, you can enjoy snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding, etc., this month. 


One can also enjoy hot springs set as onset bathtubs in Tokyo for tourists. 

  • December- Enjoy Christmas and Shogats, you, i.e., New year in Kyoto, while visiting temples. Visit the sightseeing places to have beautiful experiences.
  • January- One can celebrate events like Hatsumode and Toshiya, an Archery Contest in these months.
  • February- Setsubun Matsuri at Yoshida-jinja Shrine is another fantastic festival to celebrate while in Kyoto. The fire festivals start just after nightfall with a beautiful view.

2. Spring(March-May)

The temperature varies from 3 degrees Celcius to 24 degrees Celcius at high. Springs marks the beginning of cherry blossom season, loved the most in Kyoto. The weather becomes pleasant with less cold and a little hot in these months. Due to this, it is the most comfortable and beautiful season to visit. It is the peak season with the most crowd in these months. It also doesn’t rain much at this time of the year. However, the accommodation and travel activities are pretty expensive in this season.


Travelers prefer to do hiking, camping, and other activities in this season One can easily enjoy outdoor and indoor activities in Kyoto such as: 

  • March- It marks the beginning of the spring season. Hence one can enjoy the cherry blossom viewing from top spots in Kyoto.
  • April- Visit the famous spots such as Maruyama-Koen Park, the north end of the Kyoto Gosho, or the Kamo-Ogawa River. One can enjoy the beautiful serene cherry blossom views from gardens and popular spots in Kyoto.
  • May- The golden week holiday is a seven days long celebration period for the Kyoto peoples. Enjoy at the sightseeing places or cafe and restaurants. Horseback archery(Yabusame)and Aoi Matsuri procession ride is another famous festival to look forward to in May.

3. Summer(June-August)

The temperature varies from 18 degrees Celcius to 33 degrees Celcius. It is the hottest season with dryness and humidity. In the late June and July period, the city also receives an empty amount of rainfall. Due to scorching heat and rain, it becomes a bit inconvenient for travelers. Hence, it becomes a low season with less crowd in these months. There is the easy availability of accommodation in this season with comparatively low prices.

One can enjoy activities such as :

  • June- Celebrate the Ajisai Matsuri festival, or you can dine out at Kamo River Yuka Dining. Also, visit the Heian Shrine to watch Takigi Noh Performance.
  • July- Kyoto celebrates festivals like Gion Festival, Tanukidani Fudoin Fire Festival, Mitarashi Matsuri this month. With various competitions, rides and fun activities are arranged for tourist entertainment.
  • August- Participate in Mando Nagashi Festival, Gozan no Okuribi or Sento Kuyo on various days in agust. Indulge with activities done by locals to prepare and perform the rituals of the festival in Kyoto.

4. Autumn(September-November)

The temperature varies from the highest 28 degrees in September to 8 degrees Celcius in November. Kyoto’s famous fall foliage season is the right time to visit Kyoto in these months. The gorgeous scenery with fantastic weather makes it a high season. Tourists prefer this season due to less heat and rainfall received in these months.

Kyoto in Autumn

One can enjoy activities such as:

  • September-Enjoy Hassaku-sai Festival held in early September or Hagi or Seimi Festival, a two-day grand affair.
  • October- People participate in The Zuiki Festival held for five days, Funaoka Festival while dressing and marching through the city. Jidai Festival & Kurama Fire Festival are some other festivals to enjoy in Kyoto. 
  • November- Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in November. At the same time, one can enjoy the festival like Kanikakuni Sai (an honor in memory of poet), Shibuya Festival ( fun community festival) or Gion Odori (10 days dance festivity).