1.Winter(November – march)

The average temperature varies from 25 degrees Celcius to 31 degrees. It is the most fabulous weather in Thailand, considering the dry and humid atmosphere all around the year. Although during November the conditions of sea improve. Makes it weather to enjoy diving and snorkeling at the beach and other water sports. While enjoying the nightlife in clubs and bar. Other activities which can appreciate in

  • November: Being a dry and sunny month, one can enjoy kiteboarding. Loi Krathong Festival in which wishes come true by lighting candle, Patong Carnival.
  • December: It is a dry and warm month. But one can enjoy Phuket King’s Cup Regatta festival to honor and celebrate the king.
  • January-February: Enjoy the new year celebration, the Chinese lunar year. Also, Makha Bucha Day for Buddhists, and Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay.
  • March: The number of rainfall increases this month compared to other months. Making it best for all sea sports and beach adventures.

It is a peak season, and therefore the accommodation cost is high, booking is advisable to enjoy the trip.

2.Summer(April- June)

The temperature rises from 29-degree Celcius to a maximum of 33-degree Celcius in these months. It is a hot season with high humidity. However, it is best to plan a budget-friendly trip this season since the prices start to drop as the peak season gets over. It is a known season for durian, litchi, mangosteen, and other delicious fruits and vegetables.

In this season, the activities that can enjoy are Thai New Year known as Songkran, a week-long national celebration held in April, and Visit Koh Samui beach in the Gulf of Thailand to enjoy the rain and suitable swimming and water sports.

3.Monsoon (July- October)

This season is a mix of both rain, and sunny weather. The temperature varies from 25degree Celcius to 31 degrees at the highest. The season experiences the highest amount of rainfall due to which beaches are avoided by tourists.

Still, one can enjoy a swimming pool in their hotels and the city’s adventurous nightlife. In this season, the other activities are Por Tor Festival, also called Hungry Ghost Festival, held in August. Phuket Vegetarian Festival in October.