Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand and famous among tourists for a holiday destination, has diverse attractions, monuments, grand festivals, and beaches. Bangkok city experiences tropical weather with unexpected climate situations. The dry weather starts from March to May, starting from the rainy season in June to October. The most incredible temperature, i.e., from November to February. The winter season is the peak season and the most comfortable weather to visit Bangkok; however, if you want to plan a low-budget trip, you can enjoy various activities from March to October.


The temperature varies from 23-degree Celcius to the highest 39-degree Celcius in these months. It is the most incredible weather with less rainfall experienced this season. They are making it comfortable for the tourist to roam around in the city. With being a pleasant season, it is the peak season and most crowded one, hence booking of accommodations is advisable.

In this weather, the activities that can enjoy in this weather are Golden Mount Temple Fair, Loy Krathong. The famous world film festival in November, the Chinese new year celebration in January.  Makka Bucha in February. The beer garden festival is also celebrated during this time to mark the beginning of the beer garden season. It is a must-visit to Bangkok in this season due to various festivals and excellent beaches, which makes the stay more adventurous and enjoyable.


The hottest season where the temperature rises from 30-degree Celsius to 40-degree Celsius in the daytime. In this season, the external activities can’t enjoy by the tourist; however, one can enjoy night boats, rooftop bars, and shopping malls in this weather. The peak season is over. Hence the prices of accommodation start lowering down in this season. One can afford a cheap trip to Bangkok in these months. The end of may starts receiving rain showers which makes the atmosphere relaxed and bearable.

This season, you can enjoy activities like the Songkran or the Thai New Year, a three-day festival held in April. The Amazing Grand Sale is held in June, which you cannot miss if you are a shopaholic. Visakha Bucha festival, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, is held in May. Overall with less crowd, minimal clothing, sunscreen, and other necessary items to protect you from scorching heat, you can enjoy Bangkok in this weather at a cheap cost.

3.Monsoon (JUN-OCT)

The rainy season begins in June while the temperature rises from 26-degree Celcius to 34-degree Celsius. It is the lowest season in Bangkok with maximum rainfall. It is wet and humid all around, but tourists can enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife. This season while enjoying the sightseeing at the grand palace. They are experiencing other activities like the International Festival of Dance and Music and the Moon Festival held in September.

There is less crowd with cheap hotel prices. Hence one can consider planning a trip in the monsoon season. At the same time, carrying essential basic items like a raincoat, umbrella. And the necessity to protect you from the unexpected rains and humid atmosphere.