Ipoh is another tropical region in Malaysia, considered the hottest place where the average temperature is 32 degrees Celcius throughout the year. Ipoh is known for a beautiful experience with the region’s cave temples. It is a perfect place for vacation, especially in not too humid weather, i.e., winter season and less rainy climate in March to May. 

Summers (March-August)

The temperature in summers varies from 23 degrees Celcius to 33 degrees Celcius most. There is not much rain in the starting months, i.e., March to May with scorching heat, although august marks the beginning of rain showers. The peak months are May to July, with a pleasant climate best for sightseeing at Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, Perak cave temple, and other beautiful temples and other indoor activities. The season is quite warm and is generally crowded in June and July, where accommodations are pretty high

Autumn (September- November)

It becomes less warm as the rainfalls increase, making the weather cool; however, the temperature remains at the average 23 degrees Celcius. It is less crowded these months, so the travel and hotel charges are low with great offers, perfect for a budget-friendly trip. One can enjoy theme parks like The Lost World of Tambun or travel to Kellie’s Castle and other places, shopping in the markets of Ipoh. However, it is advisable to carry raincoats and umbrellas due to the unpredicted rains.

Winters (December- February)

These months are the coldest, with the average temperature around 23 degrees Celcius. It rains and snow sometimes in these months but comfortable for cool weather lovers. It is hard on days and chilly at nights in Ipoh. Enjoy nightlife, shopping, and indoor and outdoor activities in these months. It is another peak season with the busiest months.