Genting Highlands in Malaysia is a tropical region, close to altitude, due to which the temperature remains almost the same throughout the year. It varies from 18 degrees Celcius to 28 degrees Celcius with humidity and heavy rainfall during some months. Genting Highlands is a great place to visit all around the year. However, consider visiting it in the spring and summer season with less rainfall and pleasant climate while the fall and winter being the wettest seasons.

1.Spring (March-May)


Spring is a warm season with humidity temperatures varying from 25 degrees to 28 degrees Celcius. The rainfall is the least in this season, making it the crowdest months of tourism. It is one of the peak seasons with high accommodation and traveling charges. The activities to enjoy in this season is to Pay a visit to Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Adventure at First World Plaza, And Indoor Theme Park, and escape the summer heat at Snow World.

2.Summer (June- August)


The temperature is hot and dry in this season, and it is a high season with pleasant climatic weather. One can enjoy sightseeing, outdoor activities in these months. Travel in Genting Skyway Cable Car, Genting Highlands Theme Park for an adventurous experience.Due to hike in prices, advisable to make your bookings of travel and accommodation in advance to get some offers.

3.Fall (September – November)


These months experience an increase in rainfall, and temperature varies from 22 degrees Celcius to 28 degrees Celcius. Misty weather and thunderstorms are typical in these months, making it a little discomfort for the tourist. However, the crowd is less with low accommodation and travel costs, making this season perfect for a quiet low-cost trip. The activities to enjoy are to try your luck at Casino De Genting or travel to this American franchise, Ripleys Believe It Or Not. It is advisable to carry a raincoat, boots, and other necessary stuff.

4.Winter (December- February)


Experienced The most unusual weather in these months. Expect The heavy and constant rainfalls till the last of February. It is the lowest season with less crowd, for a quiet and relaxed trip, this season is perfect. As the days are cold and nights are chilly. one can enjoy sightseeing at Chin Swee Cave Temple or shopping and strolling around the street in this weather.