In Manali, tourists can find various choices regarding satisfying the need for your appetite. One finds all types here Whether it’s authentic Punjabi cuisines to famous south Indian restaurants. There are plenty of eating joints located across the city that offers a great assortment of finger-licking delights. You will come across an abundance of restaurants serving Tibetan dishes, Chinese and Italian food. Mall Road in Manali is home to many famous eating options in the city. It ranges from roadside stalls to lavish restaurants.

The Tibetan dishes of Himachal Pradesh include:

1.Red Rice

Red Rice is very famous in Manali. It contains antioxidants, vitamin B6, lowers cholesterol, and prevents heart disease. It has a slightly nutty flavor, served with a local variety of kidney beans and green vegetables. The dish with no-frills but delicious way of filling your stomach and nourishing it. It is available at restaurants and dhabas in Manali. While getting served with a local variety of kidney beans and saag (a green leafy vegetable dish).


Momos are very much famous across India, and its an Indo-Chinese dish. Commonly available in Manali, the dish is Manali’s best street food. Momos made with the thin, refined flour sheet filled with a variety of chopped veggies inside and prepared with thin sheets of refined flour, which gets filled with vegetables or meat steamed. One can enjoy this dish in roadside stalls as well as in Cafes and restaurants.


Himachali Dhamor Himachali thali comprises all local dishes with a fair representation of traditional food. Usually cooked during wedding ceremonies in Himachal Pradesh. Made the Dham in substantial pot-shaped copper containers known as ‘Charoti.’ It often includes rice, curry, curd, and sweetened rice, among other things. Himachalis locally call it the Dhuni technique. Usually served as a special lunch, you will find it at many local food joints.

4.Tudkiya Bhath

This dish is the Pahari version of pulao that uses lentils, potatoes and yogurt, and other ingredients to make a pulao. A spicy rice-based dish often served with mash daal and a squeeze of lemon juice. It is an authentic pulao dish owned by Himachal Pradesh. The people in Manali cook this in their very own style, considered a favorite among them.


Siddu is a very famous dish across Himachal Pradesh, Manali. It is widely available in Kullu valley and other regions. Siddu, also known as the side, is a steamed dish of wheat-based preparation filled with various spices. Made the filing from crushed white poppy seeds mixed with spices and also walnuts. Sometimes cook uses potatoes, palak, and other vegetables also used. Siddu loosely resembles momo or spring rolls.


Aktori is also known as the Himachali version of pancakes or Cakes made by using buckwheat. The recipe originated in Lahaul-Spiti valley. However, has spread across the state while cooked in a memorable festive season. This cake made of buckwheat tastes better than any other food here. Other than that, it is delicious and healthy to eat. Now it is available in many places in Himachal Pradesh.


It is a very famous Himachal Pradesh. A dish prepared with ingredients such as pumpkin, dry mango powder, and crisp little balls, boondi. It is the only state where you can find the authentic version of such a dish. Also, being a well-known street food of Himachal Pradesh. Especially in Manali, readily available at stalls on the roadside. You can also enjoy this food in any restaurant and café in Manali.

8.River Trout

The Kulu Trout is a dish that is a treat for any fish lover. This river fish is marinated and served with different flavors. You can either choose to have it grilled or steamed or in a curry. The flavor palate is spicy and tangy, filled with hot rice. This dish is very well known for being healthy, served with some boiled veggies. You can again go trout fishing in Manali if you want to catch your dinner. Unlike many street foods, this dish is low in calories too.


This Dish comes from the family of kachoris which is a crispy Indian snack. For example, kachori made using a paste of soaked black grams. Secondly gets kneaded it into a dough, followed by deep-frying. This Dish succeeds in bringing alive the flavors and aromas of Himachali cuisine. Himachal has added a unique twist to the popular Kachoris of North India.

10.Kadhi Chawal

The dish is famous for its delicious kadhi (a spicy gram flour curry served with rice dish). One will always return for more no matter where you have this dish in Himachal. On the way to Manali, always stopover at the Manikaran Gurudwara. Around which you will find many small food shacks selling this delicacy! You can spot several sheds along the way serving steaming hot kadhi chawal.