The blue temple was locally known as Wat Rong Seua Ten rebuild in 2016 and Located about 3 kilometers away from North of Chiang Rai town at Maekok road. It is another fascinating yet small Buddhist temple built in shades of rich sapphire, unlike the other golden temples of Thailand.

Wat Rong Seua Ten’s meaning is a House of dancing Tigers, built-in remembrance. Its blue color symbolizes Buddhist teachings of purity, wisdom, and no materialism.

However, it is not as famous as its neighboring temples. This temple deserves all the appreciation due to the fantastic blend of traditional architecture and modern art. 

Visiting hours: It is open from 8 AM to 8 PM

Entrance fee: Free of cost

History of The Blue Temple: 

Vedant Chawla in the Picture

A century ago, it was a house for many tigers. In October 2005, the construction of the blue temple originally started, getting completed in 2008. However, Putha Kabkaew rebuilt this temple into a fantastic masterpiece in 2016.



Architecture and Symbolism:

The temple with magnificent blue interiors, Buddha paintings, and statues add to this modern sacred temple. The naga serpents at Golden craving doors guard the main hall of the temple. The well-protected windows of the temple keep it away from the evil eye. Buddha statue at the entrance symbolizes calmness and fearless nature. The walls inside the main hall represent hell and after-life. Overall, The temple has a calm vibe and mesmerizing designs all around. 


Dress Code: You should adequately wear below knee-length clothes. Enter the sacred place without any footwear.

How to get there: Either take a tuk-tuk which costs around 100 BAHT/INR 230 approx or grab a Taxi to the Blue Temple, which is available at reasonable prices.

Travel by own Car from King Mengrai Monument, onto road one, then cross the river Kok. The temple is 1 km away from the river.